Thursday, December 13, 2007

Afternoon Prep

I am Coach today! I really want to walk around the halls with a big stick, but I can't find his. I think it's locked in the closet.

Coach S. is the science teacher in the 100 wing. He's the only one on this side of the building, the other three are on the other side. I think it's because his classroom is right next to Coach M's room and they get to plot during passing period in the hall. The story behind the stick Coach S. carries around happened when he first started teaching in this room. He found an old cane in the classroom and started carrying it around the hall. One day, he smacked a desk with it in front of two girls who kept chatting and it broke into pieces. A student brought him a new walking stick, this one has carvings of faces on it. As well as a sharp point on the bottom. I don't know if it does anything for the intimidation of students, but when he's here, swinging that stick in the hallway, kids sure aren't tardy.

Across the hall from me, the sub for Ms. H. is having a heck of a time with her 6th period. Is it wrong that I'm often amused by that? I have such a superiority complex on that issue, yes I do!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I'm currently awash in a mix of emotions. Happy/sad.

I cannot believe how fast the past 6 months have gone by. How I went from a somewhat drunken mess in Colorful Colorado to a very happy substitute teacher in the middle of pos New Mexico. And the realization that there is a very good chance we are leaving here in about 4 weeks releases a lot of emotions I just don't want to deal with.

Sure, it's cool I get to go someplace new. Leave behind this ugly landscape and go to Farmington, or Wyoming, Kansas. Who knows, right now. We want to get a tag along trailer to live in, instead of finding cheap apartment after a hotel room for a week. I found a cockroach in my kitchen the other day and when I called to get someone to come spray, my rental people told me that they do it the first time and it's my responsibility for the rest. Which, BULL. I want to see the receipt for that spraying, as I think it's a huge lie. They are scummy landlords who deal with trashy people that don't take care of their space. And I am ok with not having them to deal with that nonsense anymore.

But, oh. I am going to miss my life here. No, it's not pretty here. I don't get to go out to the bar and know everyone and know that they know me. I don't get to have wine soaked dinner parties with people my own age. There are no Sunday Brunches, post drinking. I know virtually no one here. I go to work, I come home. But I love my job. I love the people I work with, the teachers who make me feel so welcome. The students who come and talk to me about their lives when all the work is finished and we're waiting for the bell. My aerobics class with my silly, D.A.R.E. cop instructor and the two women I share a Full Throttle Bench with on Tuesday/Thursday.

Finally, I can feel at home here. And it's almost time to leave.

I'm scared because I'm finally happy. But I know I won't be happy here without CS. I can't handle going to work and coming home to an empty house in a town where I only have a job. Nothing else.

So, I follow. You go.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh Right.

I have a blog.

Apparently, I needed November to make me at least think about how I needed to blog even if I wasn't going to get around to it.

I've been teaching Science this week. I have no idea what I have been teaching them, but the other teachers told me it's the most boring part of the year. I think it had something to do with Waves, Lights, and Sound. Amplify? Gamma rays? I've been pretty wrapped up in it, obviously. So wrapped up that this conversation with Coach, who also teaches science, happened in the hall this week.

Coach: Do you have a lab?
Me: Oh no.
Coach: Oh, then a black dog?
Me: Oh yeah. I have a Chocolate lab.
Coach: Yeah. I saw you this morning.

In my defense, science class has labs! And no way they are going to give me chemicals and a bunch of students. Not if they didn't want a real threat to befall them. I'm just glad I got all twenty-one pairs of scissors back today.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cross Posted- The Random 10

Okay, once you have been tagged - you have to write a blog with ten random facts, habits, or goals about yourself. At the end, choose ten people to get tagged, listing their names and why you chose them; don't forget to leave a comment on their page letting them know "tag you're it". You cannot tag the original person who tagged you, but be sure to let them know if/when you post back.

This is for Audrey. Cuz I was tagged, yo!

1) I'm older than both of my parents were when I was born.

2) I love fancy cheeses. Whole Foods is my Mecca.

3) I love to read poetry. But I don't enjoy writing it. The process is just so tedious. I think Emily Dickinson is divine.

4) I never thought I'd fall in love with someone from my home town area. Or that it would be as fitting as it is.

5) After years and years of insisting that I would never be a teacher, I want to be a real teacher.

6) I occasionally believe that my irrationality is actually a blessing.

7) I have at least 10 different skeins of yarn for numerous projects.

8) I like to cook, and I want to learn how to bake.

9) I have been a librarian and now a substitute teacher. I'm planning on another profession that young men fantasize about.

10) I can tell a fantastic bed time story, right off the top of my head.

I'm not going to tag anyone because no one else I know will actually do it. Hmm, maybe Chris.

Merry Christmas- Ebay Style

I have a large collection of Littlest Pet Shop toys from when I was young and collected such things. I have quite a few. Not all of them, but pretty close. At one point, they all had names and they lived in an old, wooden CD case. They each had a bed, or a bed mate and a bed to share. Blankets, pillows, rugs. All put together by my 11 year old hands. I kept it up for months after I stopped playing with them. I could never bring myself to toss them in a bag to Goodwill. So I put them in a little gymnastics's bag, packed them into a storage bin, and pull them out occasionally.

I had a grand plan to buy a doll house this Christmas and give the house plus all my Pet Shop toys to JBelle. But then I started thinking about how much I don't want them to get lost and how I'd love to be able to give them to my children. So I've decided to keep the Pet Shop animals of my youth for a later date. But I felt guilty for not giving them to Belle, when I know she would love them! Which lead me to Ebay! They have a lot of the newer, ghetto, bubble headed Pets and I refuse to buy those. But I've found a few sets of the original Pets and placed a few bids. Hopefully, I can win them. I hate Ebay and how people sneak in right at the end and win it while you aren't paying attention. It's not like I have a job that allows me to play online all day! Kids must be squashed into submission! I have to stand in the halls to prevent fights! Not watch Ebay all day long!

Except times like now. And all of last period where I texted CS.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Apparently, I Wasn't Lying!

I gave my classes over to the rightful teacher yesterday.

Yesterday morning actually started out with a bomb threat. Good way to start a Monday, don't you think? I actually got to school early, because I hadn't read the poem we were going to discuss in class and I needed to get my mind organized before I tried to teach it. However, new teacher was in my room when I got to school. He was setting up his room and I was preparing to go do a lot of grading in the library when the Assistant Principal came over the announcement speaker for all students to exit the gym (where they go for breakfast) and head to the fence on the side of the school. Then the alarms went off. I assumed it was just a drill but then I asked the OCS teacher what was going on as we walked across the field and she murmured "bomb threat". It was cold out yesterday morning, and my feet froze in my little heels. There were girls in capri pants and tee shirts. Guys with no coats. One side of the field runs along the main street, right next to the drop off area for students. The police came and blocked off the road, but pretty quickly the road in front of the school was jammed with cars. Lots of parents came to try and pick up their child. Most of them didn't understand that you can't just pluck your child off the field in the middle of a bomb threat.

They eventually cleared the building, about 45 minutes later. Everyone went into their classrooms and for the next hour we just stayed in class. Waiting till all the anxious parents came to get their kids. There was no danger, but by 3rd period over half the school was gone. There are over 600 students enrolled here. Only 250 some stayed the entire day. It was madness trying to get parents to understand that "No, you can't take your child and her three friends home." It's amazing how rules that are put in place to keep your child safe are suddenly disregarded when you think there is another danger. No, this school was not going to blow up. A month ago, the middle school had a bomb threat. This is a copy cat. It's all cleared. Why do you need to pull your child out of school? We've become so concerned about the safety of our children because of the school tragedies that we have seen, but yet we do nothing to ensure that our children behave in school, or actually pass their classes? I'm at a loss on this one. I couldn't believe the stories that the secretary shared about how parents treated her. Why would you get angry with someone who is doing her job and protecting the children she is entrusted with.

Chaos makes for some pretty pissed off parents. When they should be happy that we are doing all we can to make sure their kids are taken care of properly and with caution.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Because I'm Helpful Like That

I tend to find a lot of things I want online. A LOT. And I show many of them to CS. But I don't really show them to him, rather I pick my computer up so he can glance at the item I want before turning it around again and searching some more. I don't always mean that I want something when I say I want it, which is why I don't give him ample time to gather all the necessary information that he would need in order to actually get me something I want this holiday season. Thus: My Online Wish List. (I have other things that are not online but online is just so much easier when you aren't close to civilization and you work 60 ish hours a week.) And for those of you not playing "What to get Jess for Christmas" just enjoy the link love. I've spend hours and hours searching the Internet for things I want.

Jess's Online Christmas List. In no special order.

1) This Etsy shop has a few Stacked Necklaces that I like. Like this one.

2) Also from Etsy, I love this but with a purple stone, not that bright pink one. The main site is here. And I wear a size 6.

3) If I ever decide to start knitting the mountains of yarn I purchased back in June, then these would be lovely to work on. I really wish that they made non-garish wooden ones, but not yet.

4) Yes, yes, I know I just bought sheets when we moved in here. But they are already falling apart and I know what I'm getting to Christmas and this will go just perfectly. Or rather, if that set doesn't come with pillow cases (as I suspect it doesn't) I like these too.

5) These are on sale and I think I need them.

I'm sure there are a lot more things I want. Need. Must HAVE. But I'm tired of looking. If you have any questions, I'm right next to you. Most likely. Or email my mom. She might know.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I'm not quite sure what kept me from posting every day of NaBloPoMo. It's not like I have a whole lot to juggle. Between Hunter and CS, I don't quite have a busy schedule. I think I could blame it on my lack of internet access during the day. Sure, I have the Web but I don't get to play on it more than 45 minutes a day. When I get home, I usually walk Hunt before CS gets home. Then it's time to make dinner, eat dinner, clean up. There are shows to watch, conversations to have. I'm lucky if I get all my blogs read in time for bed. Which, sadly, is currently around 9. I went to bed the other night at 8. Babies stay up later than I do.

Tomorrow my brother will be driving into town to stay work with CS's company. He lost his job last week, and CS was able to get him hired on as a welder or whatever else they might need. I'm not too clear on the details. I didn't quite think this one through. I suppose that's a good thing. I know my brother has quite a lot of debt (nothing like mine, lucky boy) and he cannot be out of a job. He has to make over ten bucks an hour in order to pay all his bills. So most jobs in CC aren't going to cut it. So if I can let him live with us, and be around someone like CS instead of the scum he generally surrounds himself with, it's going to be for the best. He's just not allowed to bring his girlfriend to live with him. One surly boy is enough. I don't need a surly girl who never comes out of her room living under my roof.

My long term English job is up on Tuesday. I'm a little worried about giving them over because I know that they are going to give the new guy a hard time. The person who taught before me was very strict and had the hardest time with this group of kids. I've had a less difficult time getting them under control. But I am a lot younger and let them get away with a lot more than she would ever allowed. But part of it was in self-preservation. I let the bad kids go out in the hall so I could teach the ones willing to learn (somewhat) and I am pretty lenient when it comes to accepting make-up work or how I run my class. I let one boy in 7th period sit at the other desk in my room. I let another freestyle rap for the class, but I did make him pay me for the swear words he said in class. Actually, his friends listening paid me, but I don't care where the money comes from, as long as I get some for the words.

It's funny to me that I'm worried how a man older than me, plus a teaching degree, will handle my classes. I'll probably be a little smug, too, if it turns out he's having a hard time. I can't help it! I'm a bit of a narcissist!