Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fucking Rock Bottom

CS called me this morning at 10. He lost his job because his foreman wanted him to go do something that was unsafe and could possibly hurt him. So we'll be starting all over again. Guess that means he'll get paid this week, but it certainly means that we aren't moving in two weeks.

I'm so fucking over this shit.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


CS called me this morning to tell me that the shipyard will be withholding his paycheck this week because it's in his contract that they take money for the tools he uses everyday. I'm sure this is to safeguard the fact that if a guy quits, he can walk off with a thousand dollars worth of tools and they never get them back. But, but, but SERIOUSLY? NOW! Like we aren't already living like fucking beggars. Like we didn't already miss a paycheck last week because CS didn't go in while we were there. Like we aren't trying to get a house and move out there in less than three weeks. Why can't they give warning? Not two days in advance, how about a month? Seriously, if I had a phone number for someone in payroll, I would be calling her and ripping her a new one because who does that? People have budgets and they can't just miss out on a paycheck with no warning. Not to mention the fact that they already didn't pay CS for one day due to not knowing he was there and another day because their system crashed and they are "trying to work it out." So there is $600 just waiting around to be put into a paycheck. This is not legal, I'm sure. You can't fuck with wages. This is our livelihood. We need money for bills. It's not like we work because we just love working. Working means money means we can pay for shit to live. HELLO.

And now I'm going to go cancel Jacob's insurance because they don't pay for shit and I keep paying them.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm back from Mississippi and it was a nice visit. Slightly overshadowed by the fact that CS didn't go in to work which means no paycheck for us this week and I have student loans due AND credit cards. Two things you cannot be late on or you give them the opportunity to wreck havoc on your life. I'm pretty much incapable of enjoying a vacation when I know that the week I get back is going to be hell.

We did drive around Ocean Springs and managed to find quite a few houses that were for rent. One house I loved a lot because it was painted and spacious but they wanted over a thousand a month for it and I am not going to pay that much for rent again. We managed to find a three bedroom house for about two hundred less that the first house and it's closer to the beach. It's a lot smaller but the yard is bigger. The bedrooms are tiny! And there is no dining room but there is a laundry room and a bathroom in the master bedroom. The owner came in after Katrina and re insulated the entire house and put in the laundry room, another bathroom and painted everything. There are new appliances, but we will have to go get a washer and dryer. We're waiting on CS's income tax refund before we can put the deposit down but they said they would "hold" it for us until the 1st.

Ocean Springs is a cute little town, apparently full of doctor's offices, restaurants, and bars. I'm not sure if there is a Target but Gulfport/Biloxi is just down the highway and I'm sure they have one. It's going to be so much better to live in MS than it was in New Mexico or Arizona. The ocean is a huge perk but so is not living in a tiny, poor community. And there is a second hand baby/kids shop so I will be there all the time! Maybe someday I will get lucky and find a Babyhawk carrier. I'd shell the money out for one but Jacob is about to outgrow his car seat and I need to buy that first. Damn being the responsible, financially savvy parent.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Quit With The Cheering!

I'm sure that no one but me has ever noticed this and I only notice it because there is a baby sleeping in the next room and I try to avoid loud noises when he's sleeping. But reality TV has far too many moments of cheering! Yelling! Screaming! If it's not cheering on reality TV, it's gunshots on programs. Obviously, the people who edit and write these shows do not have a baby sleeping in the next room. Nor have they tried to put a baby to sleep while watching their shows. Seriously, you are on notice.

I admit that I'm still watching "The L Word" and I'm sad that this is the last season. Where am I going to get my fill of smart, fashionable, witty, sexy lesbians? Why!! Showtime? Whyyy? Surely ratings did not go down, who doesn't love a good lesbian plot line? Neither daytime nor nighttime TV can compete with such a show. I already watched "The Tudors" and am madly in love with "The US of Tara." Good thing I have still not watched Season 3 and 4 of "L Word." I really need to join Netflicks if I'm going to refuse to buy series on DVD. And heavens knows when I last set foot in a movie store. July? I don't really have time for movies. Hell, I sat down to watch Matt Nathanson on Ellen today and somehow I missed it. I was in the living room with Jacob, sitting on the floor, watching TV, and I never saw him. How? I clearly remember Dr. Phil coming on and changing the channel. But I cannot recall the last half of Ellen. Another reason why my mom needs DVR. It makes TV magical!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Vanishing The Belly Roll

It's an amazing day out right now. At ten AM, we went for a walk and we didn't even need coats. Or long sleeve shirts. It wasn't windy so I didn't have to worry about smothering the baby when we walked toward the East. The dogs still behaved like dogs, but it was so nice to go out and get some exercise and sunshine. This has been a relatively mild winter, and I know that all of you in the East want to choke me a little bit right now. You have loads of snow right now, and I'm sitting in a sports bar and capri pants. Of course, you don't have to worry about fire danger and drought like we do. We're supposed to have record highs today so maybe I can work on losing the flabbiness before we go to Mississippi on Sunday. Although I'm still not getting into a swimsuit. The only suit I have is from two years ago when I was at my smallest and it hasn't fit since a month after I bought it.

I should really go eat lunch while Jacob is on his two hour nap that was divided by a small wake up where he wanted to cuddle and suck on his pacifier. I somehow snuck into the shower and got clean and shaved. I rarely attempt shaving because it usually means I get out of the shower to comfort a baby who has fallen over on the bed and can't get up.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Will Be Boarding Soon

So I caved and used my credit card to buy a plane ticket to go see CS. I know that we are not going to be able to move out there in less than two weeks and I can't imagine how it must be for CS to have to live in a hotel and not see me and Jacob for another month. So we're just going to visit for a week and come back and wait for our tax return so we can move out there for good. The main holdup on moving has been that CS hasn't worked any overtime and for two weeks he was sick and didn't get full forty hour weeks. So when we're still living paycheck to paycheck, it's hard to plan a thousand dollar move AND find a place to live which always requires deposits.

We keep asking Jacob if he's going to see his daddy and he usually grins uncontrollably. He talks to CS on the phone, which is unusual since everyone else he hears on the phone just makes him want to bite on the phone. So babies can remember their daddies.

His skin is doing so much better, it's like I have a brand new baby! My mom says he's so cute he looks like a girl, and she put a bow behind his ear to prove it. His legs and elbows are still a little rough but it's so much better than it was a week ago. And he is so much happier! I didn't realize how crabby and cranky he could get until we started putting the ointment on him. We grease him up around 8 PM and he suddenly morphs from a screechy Tasmanian Devil into a cherub. I'm pretty sure he even gets wings. They're just under his PJ's. He's also on an anti-histamine and it keeps him sleeping soundly until about 4, which is when I'd like him to wake up to nurse anyways. But it also has a little side effect of waking him around 7 AM and I'd really like to sleep another hour. I guess uninterrupted sleep is better, if I had to choose. Now, since I have a baby with amazing baby skin, we will begin the introducing of solids part of the program. He already knows what a spoon is used for and once he tried banana pudding and seriously objected when I took the spoon away to get more. He's kind of bossy.