Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

On Saturday, we went to the Thirsties Warehouse for the Great Cloth Diaper Change. All over the country (and world) babies were changed into cloth diapers. We were trying to break the Guinness Book of World records...I believe we did but I will have to get back to you on that!

Jacob wasn't one of them, but he did get a cool face painting and a balloon sword and pink kitty!

For Easter, we went to church and Jacob was so impressed with the streamers and balloons in the lobby. So naturally, it blew his little baby mind when a confetti cannon went off at the end of the service. He wanted nothing to do with the huge beach balls floating all over the room, he just kept saying "it's a party!" Indeed it was, kidlet!

After church and a much needed nap, we went over the CS's parents for dinner and egg hunting. After my busy weekend, I was really ready to go home and put on sweats and watch True Blood for a couple hours but we had to stick around for the evening. Every year, after dark, the adults have an egg hunt with flashlights, searching the backyard for eggs. This year, there were 103 to find. They up the stakes by adding money to the eggs, so no one wants to go home before that! To make it even harder, this year it was raining and the yard was torn up for a new sprinkler system the weekend before. So that was a muddy MESS. But I found $20, so I suppose some wet socks and mud coated shoes are worth it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life 'Round Here

Jacob is in the beginning stages of potty training. Everyone says cloth is easier when starting that, but so far it hasn't proved true. Since cloth stays damp against skin, Jacob doesn't know when he's wearing underwear and when he's in a diaper. So, there has been a lot of bare bottom time around here! But occasionally, he just marches his naked butt to the bathroom and goes on his own! WIN WIN!

Now that my quilt projects are finished, for the most part, I've been doing a little mass producing! Above are some ballerina bags. I found the linen look alike fabric at Joanns and the yellow and blue screamed SPRING to me. I don't know why I bought the purple!

This is my second project. Checkbook coves! I gave two away, my mom and sister in law needed them. I suspect the zebra print will be gone in .2 seconds after I post them to Facebook. I am not a fan of the animal prints, but I know a few people who are! These are a pretty easy pattern from KeyKa Lou, she has awesome patterns on Etsy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cars, Planes, Trains and SUPER COPTERS

I finished the bilk of my quilting projects last week. I have one left to do, a tee shirt quilt for a college friend before I am DONE for a bit, but I need to decide on a backing for that one before I can quilt it.

I love the quilt I just finished for a little boy named Tanner. His mama said he likes anything with cars and trucks, so when I saw this fabric, I knew I had to have it! I found it on Etsy from this shop and I got the solid Kona from this shop. I love the orange so much!

When Jacob saw the fabric I was going to use, he immediately asked me if it was for a "Jacob peelow?" and I'm thinking that he probably deserves his own full size custom pillow. I just have to ask him to decide between Super Copters or Planes.

As for this specific quilt, it's gone to live in Russia for the next two years. How cool is that! Dear Quilt, please send postcards. ;)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wedding Bells: Part Two

After we made it out the door and in time for the shuttle, we parked ourselves in a pew and waited for the bride. Who we may have seen when she walked down the hall before the ceremony. Her mama told us to avert our eyes, but that seemed terribly rude so we just smiled and tried to look ashamed. I doubt we succeeded!

Post-wedding: we took a shuttle to the reception, a lovely quaint house with a huge enclosed patios and overhead heaters. Along with generous servings of hors devours and plentiful drinks, we waited for the bride. Sarah looked so lovely! Very Grecian goddess, and somehow I have no photos of her. Technically, I have at least one Polaroid but Sally took them and claims she is going to scan them before sending them back to me.

After enjoying our snacks and drinks, we all went to dinner and had...HAMBURGERS! My friends are so classy. We were actually hoping for hot dogs, if we are going to be honest.

Later there was dancing and group photo taking, I can't wait to see the results from that! Cell Block #18!

Of course, the weekend pasted by TOO quickly and I am in full friend withdrawal. 2.5 days is not enough time! Cleveland, OH does not have Tim Hortons but luckily, we found a Trader Joe's so it's slightly redeemed. Just a little bit!


I knew I would have trouble when I came back from Ohio. It's nothing new, honestly. I always struggle to regain a sense of happiness whenever I come back from Ohio. I thought it would be multiplied this trip, as I didn't have a chance to get sick of living out of my suitcase or just be ready for things to settle down.

Part of me wonders if this is a sign that I should be back there. If that sense of belonging is not just because I lived there for 4 years. Maybe I am meant to return. I love being in Colorado, close to family, but it doesn't always feel like home. I don't actually have many friends, at least it feels that way some days. I know it's hard with a baby, a job, a side job, a house to clean, time for myself. I don't always have time for friendships.

So maybe that's the hardest part of being back home. It's so effortless to be with people who have known me for almost 10 years. I've always been able to find a place, no matter where we moved, but I always feel like I've come home whenever I go back to visit the O-H-I-O.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Wedding Bells

I got to go away for the weekend! I left on Friday, nearly missing my flight but luckily my plane was late. Sadly, Sally's plane was even later than mine and she didn't arrive for almost 5 hours after she was scheduled. Friday night we got a hotel and stopped at Olive Garden for soup, salad and a bottle of wine.

Saturday morning, we found a lovely place for brunch. Despite a pair of panties outside the front door, it was so good. I had a lobster Eggs Bendict with a mimosa, Abby had Challeh French Toast/Eggs in a Basket and Mimosa, and Sally had a Veggie Quesidilla and a Bloody Mary. Then we went shopping for jewelry before going back to the hotel to pop open the bottle of wine and prep for the wedding. Clearly, you will be able to see a theme for us?

Hint: Food+Drinks+Shopping

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the wedding!