Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday, I turned 28.

I took the day off and it was lovely. I've been a bit worn out lately so I hope this was a good jump start to some new energy!

Monday, Jacob and I took off for the Springs to play with my (fake) sister in law. We got shellac manicures and I'm kind of in love with my pretty nails. Maybe this will keep me from sticking my fingers in my mouth all the time. It's a filthy habit, I know. But it keeps me from biting them, and I've never been able to stop! They look like Ruby Slippers and it will last for about 3 weeks!

Also, did you know that your cuticles are dead skin? I did not and I could not understand why they cut them off. Clearly, I do not pamper myself enough.

Then I went and bought rubber gloves to protect the nails from dish washing.

I also bought a ton of Tikki Masala sauce in cans to feed my habit. When I should be scouring the internet for a recipe to make my own. I always have cream and tomatoes on hand. This should be EASY!

Speaking of tomatoes...they are ripe at the moment and I am drowning in them. I need to make sauce to freeze before they start to go bad! And let's just not talk about the corn crop...

Next time, I will tell you about camping and how much fun that was!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Chris brought home a couple of boards and a truckload of sand yesterday.

After burying Jacob's legs in sand as we spread it around, he commenced to playing. Sadly, we only have one bucket, one shovel and a confiscated sand mold of a rocket ship.

Luckily, it's that time of year when things like sand toys are on sale, so I look forward to getting as much as possible for as little as possible. The sandbox is in the perfect place for playing during the winter, as well. It's next to the house, so it's sheltered from the wind and it will get the most sun during the day.

It's also huge!

Jacob and Chris resting and enjoying the new grass. It's growing quite well. We've mowed it three times and we only have a few dead spots to obsess over. One is right in front of the sprinkler head and I cannot figure out WHY it is dead. Thoughts?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ready For Me To Stop With The Hair Yet?

I did remember to take some photos of my curls once I removed the headband!

It's a shame that I don't take it out until I'm ready for bed. So I prance around and admire my hair instead of sleeping. It's sick, really.

The only problem with my hair is that I have crazy messy hair on top, near my scalp, and lovely curls at the bottom. So I basically have crazy hair.

Like anyone is surprised by that.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Curls Part II

As promised:

Maybe I should have smiled.

However, isn't my hair awesome? It's like the princess hair style I longed for when I was a little girl.

Also, it means that I can shower and put my hair up without washing it and that has never really been an option for me. If I do not shower, my hair never looks good. It is frizzy, flat, wonky, and just plain messy.

But now I can put it up! Especially now that it's getting long again, I've found myself lifting it off my back to cool down a bit. Since we keep having 100 degree days!

What about you, did you try it yet? :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let's Go Campin'

Last week, Jacob and Chris went "Campin" which actually means fishing. Jacob was a little confused on what he actually wanted to do. I joined them after I got off work and luckily, they caught a fish.

Jacob is very excited to hold this fish. So, of course, this means that the fish managed to slip away when Chris took him off the hook and tried to put him in water for a second before handing it to Jacob.

This is the sad, sad face of a baby who did not get to hold the fish.

But don't you love his Coppertone tan? The kid is TAN! And I put sunscreen on him. I don't wear as much sunscreen as I should and he is more tan than I!

It's his sweet little Italian skin, I know it!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Curls Galore

Friends, you must go here and watch this video on her page!

I did my hair like this for church yesterday and I have never had so many people comment on how great it looked!

I felt awesome because I rolled out of bed at 6:25 and left my mom's house at 6:45 to be to church on time at 7. I showered the night before and I only did my makeup and put my hair up and poured some cream into a travel mug to go with my church supplied coffee!

I only wish I had taken a photo to show you! Maybe tomorrow?

The best part is that when I took my hair out, it was lovely and curly so I could have gone out to dinner, instead of tucking Jacob into bed and sitting outside with the neighborhood ladies and clipping coupons before bed.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jacob Says:

Jacob has been saying some very funny things lately. And I've been doing my best to write them down.

That my bes fren, Mama. (This said in a tone meant to convey sternness when Chris was poking me)

Don't touch my butt. It stink like poop.

I a girl. (A big girl, it was later determined.)

What's on you mingers? Poop? (fingers)

People aren't sharing wif me! (People meaning Jayden)

Don't bite you nails!

Me: Jacob, don't do that. You could fall in the potty.
Jacob: No, I not fall inna potty...(falls butt first into the potty) WAHHHH....
Me: I told you!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Tomato, Tomato

How do you say it?

This is the first picking of our GIANT tomato plants. We've been waiting for weeks for these to turn red and they could not be more delicious.

I accidentally mashed the one on the left when I picked it, so I had to eat it first. Combined with some fresh picked basil and swiss cheese (we were out of fresh mozzarella), it was the perfect summer salad.

Jacob did not agree.