Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cheer Baby

Jacob has a "camp" cheer he learned from Scooby Doo: Camp Mystery of Something Spooky. etc...

Deep in the screws! (Points up)
Shore in the lake! (Points down)
It's Little Moose, Little Moose LIIITTLE MOOSE! (Holds both hands up and wiggles fingers)

Chris tells me it's "deep in the spruce" which I'm sure is true but I like the other way a lot more.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11 Weeks?

I don't actually have a good excuse to why I don't post often, but I can at least blame the fatigue, lack of enthusiasm, and most definitely the nausea on the tiny parasite I'm currently hosting. Also, the puking. Much more than last time, since last time had NONE and this time has more than 3. Did you know a toothbrush can make you throw up? I wish I didn't know that.

So we are now somewhere along 11 weeks, although I haven't gone to a doctor to confirm that since our insurance deductible is crazy high and having a baby costs something like 20K, so I'll keep all my office visits to one year, thank you. Even though it means I'm missing out on the first ultrasound when the baby has a really big head and teeny tiny arms. Chris and I like that part the most, since we can go around saying "I have a big head and little arms" a la this.

None of it seems real, in that I'm going to have another baby just when the first one got really easy! I'm not sure what we were thinking, but I'm sure it will all turn out fine.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jacob Says:

(Screaming in agony) I dropped my car in the potty and I can't get it out!

And now color change Ramone is clogging our toilet.

Also, he had peed in the toilet before the car fell in so that was lovely to dip my hand in and fish around for the car. Luckily, rubber gloves just fall from Chris's pocket so I was a little protected.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Did you know that we got a bunny? Specifically, my mom got a bunny but I'm calling him "ours" most of the time. Although he hasn't peed on me yet, so I'm ok with him being hers for that special time.

His name is Hoot and he is a California bunny and will grow to be big and strong and hopefully a little snuggle bunny.

Jacob and Jayden think he's awesome, except when he starts biting their clothes and skin.

Hunter thinks he would really, really, REALLY like to chase him but no one will ever leave them alone together for obvious reasons. He's quite bummed about it and when Hoot hides behind the couch, Hunter presses his face as far down as he can but it's never enough.

We're going to get a little black bunny with questionable parentage shortly, just have to wait for him to be big enough to leave his mama. I think we're going to name him Holler. Nice and backwoodsy, right?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Trick or Tweaking

Jacob picked out his costume back in September. My grandparents gave him some birthday money and I took him to Walmart to pick out whatever he wanted. He bypassed all the cars and cheap plastic crap and headed straight to the bright orange cap guns. He picked up the box and said "I wanna buy this" and then put it back down to pick out the black cowboy hat on the shelf above. Only then did he pick up his cap guns and stroll out of the toy aisle.

As we walked toward the checkout, I asked him if he wanted a bandana. Of course he did, but he wanted the pink one. I thought CS would frown on that, so I told him the orange would match his guns.

The vest and fringe shirt came from a friend and I am so happy it fit him. I added some fringe to his jeans with some fabric glue and the only thing we didn't have was a pair of real cowboy boots.

Don't worry, I'll remedy that soon.