Thursday, July 13, 2006


I have another sinus infection. That's three in four months. I'm really glad to be on antibiotics again. I've been missing the blinding pain in my stomach from the meds killing all the good bacteria.

I hate going to the Dr. when I'm still functioning. I feel like a baby/hypocondriac when I go in complaining of a sore throat and stuffy nose. However, if my Dr. was open all week long, I could have put it off until tomorrow instead of rushing around to get in today so I don't find myself in Emergicare on Sat. afternoon. Because that would put a huge damper on the scheduled sunbathing event that's happening in my backyard around 2 pm on Sat. Chica will be down all day and night on Saturday, so there will be no rush to get out of the pool and dry off and be fed before her mama comes down. Instead, we can wait for the clouds to roll in and hide our cancer causing sunshine, but at least we are getting some Vitamin D!

I've started a knitting project that should be done tonight. I made a cute case for my camera this morning while waiting for the pizza to bake and my Dr. appointment. When the Dr. pushed me back to 11:15, I decided to pull out the peacock yarn and start the purse I started and abandoned months ago. I'm halfway done now and I should finish it tonight and be able to wash it this weekend. However, I do have to work late tonight so it might be pushed back to Sunday. Too bad knitting on the job isn't allowed. At least knitting is much more productive than blogging! So is reading, and much more on par with a library job but I think that's frowned upon too. And they put in secret camera, so I best not risk it. Even though I'm sure our tech guy reads everything that comes through the networks/servers. That does defeat the purpose of a pseudonymous blog. And now we wonder why I want a new job.