Thursday, January 02, 2014

Bullet Post

1. I got a Fitbit for Christmas from Chris's parents (I asked for it, just FYI. They don't think I need to get in shape.) I think it's awesome, but then I put it on my jeans one day instead of my bra and I WASHED IT. Luckily, so far it's working but I'll grab the receipt just in case it starts acting up. Also, I feel bad for my poor little flower shrinking when I sit down at my desk everyday for work. 

2. It wasn't too cold and windy out today, so I brought the kids outside to play. Elise speeds around the yard like a little bullet and I realize how hard winter is on her in our tiny little space.  I've been trying to take some time everyday and play with them. There are so many things I can be doing in the house at any given time and I don't always make toys the priority. But right now, we have so many new ones that it would be a good habit to develop. 

3. I went to Ikea last week to finally use the gift card I got the year before and the silverware set I needed to buy was out of stock. So I consoled myself with some meatballs and a new pillow. And .99 plastic containers.

4. Hunter ran away on Christmas Eve.  It was all my fault, because I let him out to go pee and I forgot to let him back in. I even commented to Chris about how strange it was that he isn't around, since he's been sleeping in Jacob's room on a foam couch. I had no idea the reason I didn't see him was because he was outside. Had I not gone into Jacob's room to turn off the computer, I wouldn't have realized he was gone until morning.  Chris drove around looking for him at midnight for almost an hour.  I left his bed outside, in hopes that he would find his way home, but we've always found him before so I wasn't sure he knew how to get home.  I woke up at 5 AM and checked outside and found him.  He was a bit chubby and he moved pretty stiffly from the cold, but he was home. 

5.  I love the holidays for the time off, but so much of it gets filled up with obligations. However, I did get to go see the Hobbit with Jacob and my aunt and uncle.  Jacob told Chris before we left that he "was going on a date with your wife." It was pretty special.