Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quilty Love

I've been a little busy quilting, it seems. Last December, my friend from college asked me to make her a tee-shirt quilt.

And so I took my dear, sweet time and finished it two weeks ago. After I had procrastinated for a couple of months, I had decided to give it to her for her birthday, in September. That way, she didn't have to pay me for it and I could relieve my guilt about not getting it done in a speedy manner.

Turns out, it may have been the easiest quilt I've ever done and I am mad at myself for being such a baby about it. I thought the jersey material of all the tee-shirts would make it impossible to quilt and it could not have been easier. As long as I didn't do a straight line across, there were no puckers, ripples, nada. EASY.

I made a couple of strip quilts as well. I know they are simple and easy but I love how I can just put them together in a day or two, as long as I have all the materials. I love the grey one below:

I can't seem to get away from the Tula Pink lines! I love them so.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


A few weeks ago, my brother and his family moved back to CO for a couple of months. The guys were doing some work on the trees at my mom's house and they took the kids for a little ride across the street in an old pick-up truck my Grandpa gave to my brother.

Jacob and Jayden really are the best of friends. It's so cute to see them play together. It gives me hope that Jacob will be like Jayden when he has a sibling!

Carter is slowly becoming more open to being around the family. He was really shy at first and now he will give kisses and talk to you, as long as one of his parents is in the room. He also likes to wrestle with Jacob, which produces much screaming, wail and woe in my baby boy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Float Away

Every year, on Labor Day weekend, Colorado Springs has a balloon classic. So we get up around 5 AM and head to Springs to be in Memorial Park by sunrise.

Then we get to watch dozens of hot air balloons as they are laid out and pumped full of air. It's so fun to stand in between them when they are still resting on the ground.

There are about three "waves" of balloon launching and they looks so tiny against the massive Colorado sky.

Jacob did not have as much fun as we hoped he would, due to the fact that he was expecting to be able to go for a ride. He was very disappointed that no one offered to take him up. Maybe next year? I'm just hoping he never notices the boucehouse and air slides off to the other side of the park or we will never get to breakfast and that's half the reason I get up so early!

Golden Birthday

Last Saturday, Jacob turned THREE.

We held the party at our house and it was so nice that we finally have a nice backyard, complete with a patio (finished just after the party started) and a huge sandbox for the kids to play in.

Jacob loves his Grams, I'm sure you can tell.

I made him a dinosaur cake, as he requested. However, no one but the two of us could tell it was a dinosaur. Maybe because I put back spikes on a long neck?

I can't believe how fast three years has gone! Where did my baby go?

Thursday, September 01, 2011


I got a little money for my birthday so I bought myself a new friend:

And if you think money can't buy you a friend, you would be wrong! Also, my exposure is waaaay off here.

Isn't he adorable?

I admit that I bought him because I want to make owls but I am terrible at taking things from my head and putting them on paper. Not that I plan to steal this idea and sell them, more for inspiration for gifts to Jayden. Because she's the only one who appreciates my stuffed animal presents.