Saturday, September 10, 2011

Float Away

Every year, on Labor Day weekend, Colorado Springs has a balloon classic. So we get up around 5 AM and head to Springs to be in Memorial Park by sunrise.

Then we get to watch dozens of hot air balloons as they are laid out and pumped full of air. It's so fun to stand in between them when they are still resting on the ground.

There are about three "waves" of balloon launching and they looks so tiny against the massive Colorado sky.

Jacob did not have as much fun as we hoped he would, due to the fact that he was expecting to be able to go for a ride. He was very disappointed that no one offered to take him up. Maybe next year? I'm just hoping he never notices the boucehouse and air slides off to the other side of the park or we will never get to breakfast and that's half the reason I get up so early!

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