Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Becoming Obvious

I've been meaning to take weekly shots of the belly but until last week I was pretty sure it wasn't changing at all. But, OH NO, all that's changed now. I'm officially into my 13th week and apparently entering the 2nd Trimester means "You MUST have a belly NOW." I'm less than delighted with this because it means tight clothes and not being able to wear my new Banana clothes anymore. Less than two months old and already I have to put them aside. Anyways, on with it!

This first picture was taken the day after I took the prego test. Also, I was wearing my skinny jeans and let it be known, that was the last time I wore them.

I believe this next photo was taken two weeks ago, right around the 11 weeks mark.

And now this last one, taken tonight. Please excuse the dirty mirror, I've not cleaned it this week and apparently I live with people who are incapable of not splashing the mirror. Also, I'm moving in two days and I don't get my deposit back so I probably won't clean it again. However, that's not the important thing to see. I am SHOWING. I'd really like to blame it on having dinner and some club soda just a few hours ago, or maybe I'm all bloated with air or water, maybe I'm just not sucking it in like last time. But I don't think it's the case. I think it's just beginning.

Ps. Excuse the marks from my pants. It's not my fault.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back On Track

We're going to Arizona. It's on. And so is Seattle. Don't know where we are going to live, but we'll figure that out later.

Welcome to my world of the unknown.

Also, did you know sketchy landlord companies are horrid and won't return your deposit because they are greedy bitches?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Changes Abound

Dear Everyone,

I'm moving to Arizona! I think. So far, that's the plan.

Wednesday we found out for sure that we are headed to Globe, AZ for a new six to eight month job. (Way to go, Jess. Be in the hottest state for the end of your pregnancy.) They are building a copper mill, and the job is about an hour from the suburbs of Phoenix. The town itself is itty bitty- 6,000 population and NO PLACE TO LIVE. Sounds familiar. There is still a chance we can get the trailer if they approve the loan and that will make things super easy. I just don't want to compromise in getting a rental again because there is no way I want to bring a baby back to a place like this. We might have to move to a different town and CS will have a commute which we both hate the idea of.

Unfortunately, CS and I won't even be getting into town early to find a place because I found a GREAT deal on tickets to Seattle. $300 for two nonstop, roundtrip tickets? Oh hell yes. We're going to visit some friends of CS and hopefully we do a lot of looking around Seattle and less drinking of beer in the house. I'm sorry, I do not visit places to curl up on other people's couches unless it is Thanksgiving break and cold outside. Plus, Seattle has a beach with the ocean and that's enough to keep me occupied for a good six hours. I don't even care that it's not a warm beach. I just like the crashing sounds of the water. Until I start finding dead seal bodies, that's a little unpleasant.

Until last night, we were pretty sure that AZ was the plan, Seattle was going to happen, and Globe was certainly going to be better than Hobbs. But then we found out that there is no where to live without a eight month waiting list. Then we found out that the job site itself is a mess and they are sending three guys this weekend to straighten things out. There is the possibility that we might have to cancel Seattle and be there by the 5th of March. There is also a chance that the entire project might be called off and the crew is sent to Utah because the man in charge is new at his position and has no idea what he's doing.

That's what I found out last night. Isn't that fun? I never really know where I'm going or what's going to happen because it's constantly changing even when we think it's all been set in motion.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Draft #1

I used to have two lists of daily blogs. One on my personal computer (which I brought to work) and another on my work computer. I liked to look busy doing work things, occasionally. However, I did not incorporate the two lists before I left my job back in June. So a few blogs were forgotten until recently when I started poking around other blogs. And lo' I found a blog I found before! and somehow, we are having a baby at almost the same pace. I am so excited about this, I almost want to email her and gush about it. But she's cool and Canadian and I don't want to be all nerdy in her face. Like, OMG we're having the same babies! Tell me if you're getting stupid headaches at noon everyday, too?

I've finally broken the bubble at school and told quite a few people I'm having a baby. It's sad, really. I'm just now telling them and I'm planning on leaving in two weeks. They don't get to see any of it, and they've been so good to me this year. I hope every place we go, I am able to find good people like them.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Safari Barbie

Ever seen a Barbie in the middle of the African Plain wearing a cheerleader skirt? Maybe holding a hamster? (Hamster not pictured.)

One of the most dramatic moments of JBelle's over Christmas was when she received her first gift of the season before Christmas morning. It was a stuffed giraffe in a gift bag and when she pulled it out, she immediately put her chin on her chest and her hands down by her sides, a look of abject disappointment on her face and she said, "All I wanted was a Barbie."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Loss Of Vision

This morning, I popped out of bed and got ready for work. I didn't walk Hunter because CS has been sick so someone is home with him, and I have been walking him in the afternoons when I get off work. I made lunch and had breakfast of English Muffins and Organic Chocolate milk before heading out to my car to let it warm up for a while (because, damn it, it cold cool here again.) and MY CAR WOULDN'T START. I've known I needed to take it in for a while, mostly just to get the oil changed and check the alignment. Yesterday my battery light came on for a few seconds but I've learned not to freak out by such things since it's not a brand new car. However, obviously something is wrong. So I traipsed myself up the stairs to tell CS that Car=Dead and when I walk back downstairs with him I notice that my right eye has a blight spot in it. And, Oh, I know what this means. Hello Migraine. I hate you. I took two Tylenol right away, called work to tell them my little situation, called the Dr. to ask for advice, and waited for CS to tell me that either the alternator or the battery was the car culprit. Meanwhile, my vision is spazzing out and I can't see most of CS standing next to me unless I look awkwardly. About twenty minutes later, my vision clears suddenly but I know it's by no means over. I've closed the curtains in the living room and am laying down when my right hand and arm go numb along with the right side of my lip and tongue. I freak the hell out and call my mom who tells me it's just part of the migraine and to call my Dr. back and ask them. I do and they call in a prescription for Tylenol 3 which CS goes off to get for me. I took it and passed out for a while. It's not a full migraine but it's not painless. The codeine in the pills make me feel a little nauseous. Nothing I haven't been dealing with lately.

Actually, I've been feeling a lot better. Next week, I will be 12 weeks along which means THREE months pregnant! And after that, 13 weeks means the end of my first trimester. I feel quite proud in the fact that I'm not showing at all yet and I haven't gained any weight (because Zoot said you should have to, but not like I have been actively trying not to eat. I eat a lot of food now, I suspect weight gain is imminent.) However, my boobs have made up for extra girth in their own way. Thanks a lot, now I need new bras.

For Valentine's Day, CS was home sick and I was at work. We went to dinner at a pretty awful pizza place but it didn't have a wait and we saw Jumper. Disappointing movie, I think because it's PG. And set up for a sequel, which left me saying "Is that the end?" in very mocking tones. My brother was a very super little brother and got me some flowers, chocolates, and little gold earrings. I think I'll let him continue living with us. Even if he's married, and he didn't tell me about it. Punkass.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Day Off.

I'm off today, thank goodness. We went to Fort Worth on Saturday and got back late last night so I had no time over the weekend to clean, clean, clean. My fridge was full of moldy leftovers, my sheets need washed weekly so the stench of my closed off bedroom doesn't wake me in the middle of the night (I blame it on windows that cannot open), carpet to vacuum, and some very dirty bathrooms. I also went grocery shopping since I haven't gone in weeks. I still need to go buy beer. Obviously, not for myself.

Speaking of beer, do you have any idea how not fun going to bars is now that I am prego? Smoking bars are even worse, thanks so much Tex-ass. Not that I miss going out and getting all tipsy and crazy. I don't, at all. Maybe it's just the hormones talking, but going out and not getting to bed before 9:30 PM is a cause for concern. I feel like a third wheel sometimes because once I get tired, I simply back out of the conversation. There are no drinks to consume besides water, I have no desire to shake my booty, and I probably need a snack. I'm sure it gets better; we'll see in two weeks when my first trimester is over. "They" claim it's different after that.

CS and I are in a small discussion about small towns versus big city. I want to live in a big city, or at least close to one BEFORE settling down in a smaller community. Or live in a suburban area for a while and retire in a small town. I love the idea of being able to go to dinner at a decent place, see a play, go to Target on a whim, shopping at all kinds of different grocery stores. I don't want to have a two hour drive to get into a town with a comfy coffee shop. Or maybe I'm just terrified that I will be stuck in the middle of no where with a town like Hobbs as my closest means of civilization. I'm starting to loathe it here, and I never want to settle in a place where I'm constantly settling for mediocre. I loved growing up in the country and I want my kids to have that same sense of imagination that I got from living away from the city. But I'm also not ready to resign myself to small town life, now that I've left home and have the chance to get to experience bigger cities. As long as they have a Target. Everything is better with Target.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

10 Weeks/1 Day

I had my first ultrasound today. I got to hear the heartbeat and they gave me some awesome pictures. Who knew 4D makes such a difference. That other way is crap. Baby is a little longer than an inch long and has a heartbeat of 156 bpm. So far, so good. The baby even moved while we were watching.

My doctor came in the room and told me she had found two sets of twins in the last week. Luckily, I was not her third. There is only one baby in there. It's quite surreal to even think that there is a baby. But I saw it, I heard it. Must be true.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm Going To Colorado, Are You?

That's the text that CS sent me last Monday at 3 PM. I was slightly confused. I know I wanted to go to Colorado, but I had just taken a week off work to be sick on the couch. I didn't know why he was going. He was supposed to be finishing the ACC ( I think) for the air test. Sadly, his Grandpa Honey had passed away and his whole family was gathering in Colorado to be with his grandma. Not quite the happy vacation. It was hard to see the family so distraught and not be able to do anything about it. I'm not good with feelings of helplessness. It's not really my thing. Plus, all I want to do is NAP. I need a nap in the afternoon, and I fall asleep around 8 in the evening. And it's not light dozing, it's sleeping! However, everyone just let me sleep. I think the baby stayed up later than I did every night.

I'm not quite sure what to say about the passing of a loved one and the things that happen after death. My family has been blessed with so few deaths that I'm somewhat shocked by all the stages one must go through to get it. Flowers, caskets, viewings, services, potlucks, burial. That doesn't even cover half of it. There are so many things to decide. I imagine it would be overwhelming. Is there even a way to completely honor someone's life with the prep of only a few days?

CS was nice enough to take me home for a day in the midst of all this, and I got JBelle for a day. We spent the weekend at my mom's house and I was able to see my uncle. Watch the Superbowl, for the commercials, of course! I got to eat at Noodles (my fav), MoMo's (my fav), La Casita (my fav), and my mom made me ribs. Obviously, food is a trend here. When I want food, I really want it. Need it, even. I'm eating healthy, but I'm no longer worried about eating a whole Crunch Roll from MoMo's, along with miso soup, and maybe a cookie later. Who knows, I might not be hungry for hours after that (NOT) but at least I'm getting something to eat. Most of the time I don't feel like eating at all. These are usually times when I need to eat because I start to feel sick if I don't have food in my stomach.

Speaking of which, I need to start dinner.