Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Draft #1

I used to have two lists of daily blogs. One on my personal computer (which I brought to work) and another on my work computer. I liked to look busy doing work things, occasionally. However, I did not incorporate the two lists before I left my job back in June. So a few blogs were forgotten until recently when I started poking around other blogs. And lo' I found a blog I found before! and somehow, we are having a baby at almost the same pace. I am so excited about this, I almost want to email her and gush about it. But she's cool and Canadian and I don't want to be all nerdy in her face. Like, OMG we're having the same babies! Tell me if you're getting stupid headaches at noon everyday, too?

I've finally broken the bubble at school and told quite a few people I'm having a baby. It's sad, really. I'm just now telling them and I'm planning on leaving in two weeks. They don't get to see any of it, and they've been so good to me this year. I hope every place we go, I am able to find good people like them.

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