Monday, February 11, 2008

Day Off.

I'm off today, thank goodness. We went to Fort Worth on Saturday and got back late last night so I had no time over the weekend to clean, clean, clean. My fridge was full of moldy leftovers, my sheets need washed weekly so the stench of my closed off bedroom doesn't wake me in the middle of the night (I blame it on windows that cannot open), carpet to vacuum, and some very dirty bathrooms. I also went grocery shopping since I haven't gone in weeks. I still need to go buy beer. Obviously, not for myself.

Speaking of beer, do you have any idea how not fun going to bars is now that I am prego? Smoking bars are even worse, thanks so much Tex-ass. Not that I miss going out and getting all tipsy and crazy. I don't, at all. Maybe it's just the hormones talking, but going out and not getting to bed before 9:30 PM is a cause for concern. I feel like a third wheel sometimes because once I get tired, I simply back out of the conversation. There are no drinks to consume besides water, I have no desire to shake my booty, and I probably need a snack. I'm sure it gets better; we'll see in two weeks when my first trimester is over. "They" claim it's different after that.

CS and I are in a small discussion about small towns versus big city. I want to live in a big city, or at least close to one BEFORE settling down in a smaller community. Or live in a suburban area for a while and retire in a small town. I love the idea of being able to go to dinner at a decent place, see a play, go to Target on a whim, shopping at all kinds of different grocery stores. I don't want to have a two hour drive to get into a town with a comfy coffee shop. Or maybe I'm just terrified that I will be stuck in the middle of no where with a town like Hobbs as my closest means of civilization. I'm starting to loathe it here, and I never want to settle in a place where I'm constantly settling for mediocre. I loved growing up in the country and I want my kids to have that same sense of imagination that I got from living away from the city. But I'm also not ready to resign myself to small town life, now that I've left home and have the chance to get to experience bigger cities. As long as they have a Target. Everything is better with Target.

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