Sunday, June 29, 2008


I got up and wrote the beginning of a fiction story this morning. I haven't done that in years. Since I printed off the "novel" for my Independent Study. I wore myself out a little on that one. Then I left college and lost my mentor and haven't felt the desire to create anything. It's sad, really.

But I was recently given a book of black and white photographs, "The Family of Women." And while I would dearly love to know the context of the photos rather than the place and photographer, the unknown has been good for my creative side. I started a story from a point of view that I have never attempted before. I can't believe how my mind just clicked back into place, and suddenly I saw where it could go.

It was a good morning.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Best He Can

Hunter has been very tolerant of allowing us to place things on his nose before getting a treat. I actually had nothing to do with his willingness to hold still while a treat was placed directly onto his snout. A man at Brakes Plus in Pueblo can take the credit for that. I was waiting for my car to be serviced and a man who was waiting in the room with me placed one of Hunt's rawhides on his nose and got him to hold still. (I used to take Hunter with me because my uncle runs the Brakes Plus and he likes dogs.) Ever since then, Hunter will allow you to place a snack on his nose and hold his head steady until you move your hands far enough away from him to flick it off and gobble it up. I think the fact that he was able to stand like this for so long was because the object on his head is not as appetizing as a succulent piece of chicken or left over cheese. Don't get me wrong, he loves to rip up water bottles but that's a process and he's really tired right now from following Abe around like a little leach.

Italian Lessons

My brother is here and he brought an Italian dictionary with him. He's big on being Italian. I actually took Italian in college so while I'm in no way capable of being immersed in Italy without making a fool of myself, I do remember the basics of learning to speak Italian. So this morning, we had a little around the table discussion about how to pronounce "beautiful." He claimed that the Belgium man said "Bello" while I claimed that "bello" is not often used in Italian because so many things are feminine. Then Abe told me I was using too many big words. Yes, "bello" is the right form of the word to use for a masculine object. But you can't just use the masculine all the time. I'm sure this sentiment is lost on most men.

Another Abe tidbit: The day he got here, we were in the kitchen getting ready for dinner and he insisted I pull up my shirt so he could see my belly and poke at it. Then yesterday morning, while he showed me videos of his drive down here on his phone, he got the chance to see the Squirrel in a post-breakfast kicking fest. He thinks it's weird and a little too Alien vs. Predator in there.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

90 By 9

I went to work yesterday morning and it was already 90 degrees when I got into my car and drove off. Arizona. That's just insane. I take back all the nice things I've said about you.

Mostly, I'm just bummed because Colorado was a perfect 85 degrees for the duration of my stay. Sure, it hit 95 on Wednesday afternoon. But we were by the pool and the water was quite chilly so we were able to manage. It's windy there too, which makes it feel cooler. Unlike here. When the wind blows it's a hot slap of air on your face. Nothing cool and refreshing about it. Unless you're sweating like crazy because of the 101 degree weather. Stay indoors! You get used to the hurricane sounds of the swamp coolers as they pump moist air into your house. It might sound like Armageddon when you crack a window to circulate the air, but it's worth it. So they say.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Am Home. Leave Message.

I've been home for a week now and I'm pretty much thinking that it's going by too fast. I mean, two days ago, I thought that Saturday seemed to be so far off I couldn't even think to make plans. And now it's Wednesday and I only have two days to get everything done before I leave on Saturday. I don't wanna go!!!

I had JBelle for the last three days. I got her on Sunday night and I finally returned her (washed and dressed in clean clothing) tonight. Even after I dropped her off, I wondered if maybe I should have kept her for another night because her mom had to go to a meeting at 8:30 so it's not like they were spending any time together. Sheesh! I kid, of course. JBelle has never been away from her mommy for three nights and I think she did remarkably well. Mostly because when I told her that I was taking her back to her mommy tonight, she commenced whining that she "didn't want to go to mommy's" and she "wanted to stay here at Gramma's house and play in the pool." I felt bad about this sudden desire to be with Auntie Jess over mommy, since last time I was home, JBelle almost had a meltdown when she talked to her mom on the phone because she missed her so much after ONE day. Now, I keep her three days? Piece of cake, let's get back in the pool. I almost don't regret moving away. She misses me so much that I get showered with love and favoritism when I come home that it almost makes the months between bearable.

She's also in love with the baby belly. She kisses it in the mornings, and routinely puts her hands on my belly and says "she's sleeping" or "I think she's kicking!" The baby is also named Zella, and I expect you to address her as so. JBelle never wavers on the "GIRL" position. My baby has been a girl since I pointed my belly out to her the night of the circus and she named her Zella. JBelle also has a baby in her tummy, named Cinderella. Note the overwhelming flattery. I may come back every month just to be admired to openly. Children. So refreshing.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Dear Fry's (wonderful version of Kroger),

When you forgot to put my can of Progesso clam chowder into my cart, I simply thought it was just one of those things. I didn't notice it for a few days, so I couldn't go back to claim it. But obviously I didn't need it if it took me so many days, another reason to not get upset. But then, this Saturday, you forgot to put my chicken breast fillets into my cart. And I wanted those. I had plans for them in the near future. So I had to make a trip back, where you were more than helpful in giving them back. I even think I ended up with a better deal because the ones I paid for cost $6.60 while the ones I picked up were $6.90. I could see this as a happy ending, but when I opened my package of strawberries tonight, it all fell apart. These strawberries had gone horribly rotten. In just two days, the container of deliciousness spoiled. I saved a few, but for the most part, it's a total loss.

I just can't forgive you. You ruined my post dinner, already had ice cream today, I need something sweet before bed snack. I'm sorry, but I'm going to switch to Safeway.

Unless I need to get beer. Because Safeway just doesn't cut it.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The other day, as we were headed back from an evening at the river, I called CS a girl. I do this a lot actually, probably because I'm convinced that men and women do THE SAME THINGS but only girls get called on some of them because our culture is completely obsessed with genderizing everything. I called CS a girl because he was complaining about how there were some red marks on his leg and obviously it was from swimming in bug infested water and he was going to be covered in chigger bites in 24 hours. He even found a bug in his hair after he got out of the water and freaked out because there was a DAMN BUG IN HIS HAIR. So I called him a girl. And then he retaliated by pointing to my belly and asking "what's this?" and I promptly said "a boy."

A BOY? No no no no no. It's a girl. Now CS thinks he can hold it against me, since I responded without thinking I must think it's a boy. Maybe now I wish I was having twins, one of each. Just so it can be fair in my household when all this is over.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Cool Treats

CS had to work both Saturday and Sunday to make up for having Memorial Day off. This isn't unusual for them to work seven days a week, it's just part of the job. But back in New Mexico, it didn't really matter if they had a day off because there wasn't a whole lot to do besides drive to Texas and go shopping. But here? I am enjoying my weekends. We go to the lake at least once a weekend, sometimes even on Saturdays after CS gets off. The water's warm enough that you can swim even if you don't get out there until after 4 PM. So despite a working weekend, we went to the lake yesterday afternoon. We loaded up the Hunt (who got to ride in the cab this time because the we were supposed to drop off the RV for someone), stopped at Sonic for a snack (Cherry Lime slush and a corndog), and headed out for the lake. Actually, we ended up at the diversion falls, or something, I call it the Wash because that's what it says on the sign. The Salt River feeds Roosevelt lake and at one point of the river, there is a man-made falls. It's not very high, about three feet for each level and there are three of them. The top step is pretty wide and you can walk across it to the other side of the river. The best part, though, is the wash makes a little dam and the water behind the falls is pretty deep. CS can stand most anywhere in it, but I'm just little so I can't. It's great to swim there, because while there isn't a shore to go to, there are no damn trees underwater to scratch the hell out of you as you're swimming alone. The current also makes it a lot more of a work out to swim away from the falls. The water's pretty clear, too. Just in case the huge catfish that must live in the trees along the shore decide to make a nice snack out of a chocolate lab.