Saturday, June 28, 2008

Italian Lessons

My brother is here and he brought an Italian dictionary with him. He's big on being Italian. I actually took Italian in college so while I'm in no way capable of being immersed in Italy without making a fool of myself, I do remember the basics of learning to speak Italian. So this morning, we had a little around the table discussion about how to pronounce "beautiful." He claimed that the Belgium man said "Bello" while I claimed that "bello" is not often used in Italian because so many things are feminine. Then Abe told me I was using too many big words. Yes, "bello" is the right form of the word to use for a masculine object. But you can't just use the masculine all the time. I'm sure this sentiment is lost on most men.

Another Abe tidbit: The day he got here, we were in the kitchen getting ready for dinner and he insisted I pull up my shirt so he could see my belly and poke at it. Then yesterday morning, while he showed me videos of his drive down here on his phone, he got the chance to see the Squirrel in a post-breakfast kicking fest. He thinks it's weird and a little too Alien vs. Predator in there.

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