Tuesday, June 24, 2008

90 By 9

I went to work yesterday morning and it was already 90 degrees when I got into my car and drove off. Arizona. That's just insane. I take back all the nice things I've said about you.

Mostly, I'm just bummed because Colorado was a perfect 85 degrees for the duration of my stay. Sure, it hit 95 on Wednesday afternoon. But we were by the pool and the water was quite chilly so we were able to manage. It's windy there too, which makes it feel cooler. Unlike here. When the wind blows it's a hot slap of air on your face. Nothing cool and refreshing about it. Unless you're sweating like crazy because of the 101 degree weather. Stay indoors! You get used to the hurricane sounds of the swamp coolers as they pump moist air into your house. It might sound like Armageddon when you crack a window to circulate the air, but it's worth it. So they say.

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