Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Still a Baby

We had our ultrasound this morning to do a size check on the baby. Everything is measuring perfectly, which is lovely, but really just points to me gaining a lot of weight rapidly!

Good job self, those cookies don't eat themselves.

According to the fancy measuring they do, baby is weighing around 2 pounds 3 ounces and has a lot of fluid to swim around in!

Side note: Did you know that amniotic fluid is BABY PEE?

You're welcome!! The human body is really gross.

We have quite a wiggly baby, or ultrasounds just make it angry, because as soon as the tech starts with the wand, baby does not stop moving. And now I can really feel those little kicks.

I'm going for a maternity photo shoot tomorrow morning, which will be really fun! We haven't done any pictures since Jacob was a little baby. But this time I'll make sure Chris doesn't have hat lines in his hair and Jacob only has one scratch on his face. Lucky for me, I don't have major purple acne yet, so I'll be looking good!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby's First Photo Shoot

I've had a huge roll of ultrasound photos for weeks (months) now and I never remembered to take photos of them to post. I wish all OB's would hand out a CD of the images, along with the paper copies, but I guess no one around here works like that. Chris did request an image of the baby using the 4-D equipment so you can see the baby's skinny arm and first curled around the face above. The images were kind of hard to see since the machine is much slower and the baby would not stop moving.

The regular black and white were pretty good though.

I feel the foot quite often. And I think it is sometimes lodged in my ribcage which gives me the sensation that I am not breathing normally. Fun times!

Another 4-D shot. The nose is so teeny tiny and I am almost thinking that this baby is not going to look like Chris and will look more like I did as a baby.

We have another ultrasound tomorrow, but I don't think it will be quite as long as the last one. We just have to get in and out without finding out the sex. Might be tricky at 27 weeks!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

For the Boy

Chris put in his two week notice at his part time job last month and this week was his first week off. We know that the pay cut is going to make things a little rougher on things for a while, until Chris gets his finances straightened out, but life should be a little more normal now.

Before, Chris was working 5-5 on the weekends, including Friday and every other Thursday, as well as Monday and Tuesday nights. So we saw him a little bit on Monday and maybe a little more on Wednesday. He was just gone/sleeping for most of the time.

Yesterday, he had time and the weather was amazing, so he tilled up the garden to get it ready for planting.

Today, he took Jacob to the Children's Museum in Pueblo.

I think these things are more important than a free for all shopping trip to Target, you know?

Friday, March 02, 2012

Drinking the Kool-aid

That's one more milestone down! The worst part of the glucose test is not actually drinking this. The worst part is living the rest of the day after fasting then chugging sugar and waiting a hour. I feel fine but then I get a headache. Tylenol just doesn't cut it when I have headaches, although sometimes I get lucky.

Today, I did not have time for a proper meal post appointment and McD's new Fruit and Maple Oatmeal is really, really terrible. But I needed to get to Target, Joann's, Natural Grocers, and drop Chris's lunch/wallet/Kindle off before leaving town in time for work. We made it with 2 minutes to spare and I was very thankful for my fridge packed full of leftovers.

So now I get to wait and see how the results turn out, although I believe it will all be fine!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Baby Numeral Dos

We went in for a check-up on Monday, just one day before the start of week 25. I like that my visits are less than 30 minutes, total, but it does make for a bit of a wasted day when I have to drive there and back. Not looking forward to those weekly visits that will be happening soon.

I've been feeling pretty good, and clearly eating very well, as I gained 16 pounds since my last visit! Oops. That puts my total weight for this pregnancy over 20 pounds, so I suppose I can expect to put on at least 40, again. It would have been nice to keep it lower, but it's just not possible to work out, take care of a baby, work, do everything else and be pregnant. Kudos if you can! Had I been pregnant in the summer time, I'd be much more likely to go for a walk. But when it's freezing cold, windy and/or snowing, I am just not that die hard.

Also, I remember a similar jump in weight with Jacob as well. The Dr. wasn't worried, although baby is also measuring a little bit, so she scheduled an ultrasound. More for the perk of an ultrasound over potential issues.

Tomorrow I get to go take the glucose test, which I am so not excited about. Mostly because I'm taking Jacob and the place we go is not geared toward children. I really miss my old OB's in AZ this time around, as they had a great set up. They did bloodwork in the office and I drank the glucose Kool-aid in the comfort of a large, squishy couch in front of a cartoon. I didn't even have a kid then!

Sadly, I haven't convinced Chris that we need to be back in AZ yet. Maybe someday, although we both prefer the South. Po'boys and amazing BBQ? SOLD. Plus, Chris is convinced he can catch a gator.

Anyways, I thought I should record something about this baby, as I did not invest in a Belly book for posterity. Even though I seem to have mis-placed both the Belly book AND Jacob's baby book in one of our many, many moves. This summer we may have to tear my mom's shed apart to find it!