Friday, June 29, 2007

Go, Go Toledo

I'm here in Toledo with Annushka. We went sunbathing today, after lunch at Starbucks then again in her back yard. I understand how people get obsessed with the tanning beds because I am the same way, just with actual sunshine. It's best when there is a body of water standing by, like the pool at home or a lake, but I can lay out for a few hours without it. I do have to shower afterwards though. Sweaty is not the look I like to go for.

Sally is getting ready to move into her apartment in AA so this morning we checked out some cookware sets at JCP. I couldn't help but wonder all the things I'm going to need when I get to New Mexico. Like, do we have dishes? What kind of shower curtain am I going to want? Rug from Target for the kitchen floor? Yes, I can just ask CS what he has, but I'm not really going to know until I get down there. He says that we only need the essentials and that he has everything we need. I somehow doubt this. I am a girl, after all. I'm kind of proving him right, actually. Since he thinks it's scarier for a guy to have a girl move in with him rather than a girl moving in with a guy. Because girls come in and change everything to be like how they want it to be. And while I'm laid back and not worried that maybe his sheets won't match my conforter, I am wondering if I'm going to be making dinner out of a skillet or something like that. Boys. Such a mystery.

But then again, I like surprises!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Beachy Keen

I just got back from the beach. My skin is getting so pretty! Although, I have to say, the beach is fun but it's not so awesome being there alone. It's more fun to have someone to complain about the dead fish smell and the heat. And it's more fun to go in the water with someone, as I am afraid of lakes. Sharks in lakes, actually.

There was an adorable Bernese Mountain dog puppy there too. And a huge yellow Lab that made me miss my Hunty Hunt. Duncan is right next to me right now but he's not so much like Hunter. A lot smaller, for one. And also, if I start poking him, he ignores me. I am so beneath him, I think.

Anyways, I should shower and get the sand off of me before Sarah comes home and we go see Knocked Up. Her boytoy won't go with her because he says it's "bad juju", which I think is hilarious, so we are going to go!

I hope it's sunny tomorrow to. I can't handle the Ohio rains right now. It's way more fun when it's sunny!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hello Ohio!

EEEK! I'm here in Ohio. And having a good time on my own. Kirstin has to work so I am entertaining myself. Today I met Liz for lunch and then went back to her house for some beer drinking on her back porch. At 3 PM. I love being unemployed!


I'm getting a tan. It's awesome. I got up this morning and took Kirstin to work and then stopped at Tim Horton's and almost died of happiness. Do you know how much I love Timmy Ho's? Enough to move back here, that's how much. And I couldn't believe that I had forgotten about Tim Ho's on Wednesday and that I actually considered going to Starbucks that morning for coffee. Who the fuck does that? No one who has had Tim Horton's coffee and a 10 pack of Timbits, that's for sure.

Anyways, after that lovely breakfast I watched some Desperate Housewives on my laptop before going for a run around the apartment complex. I found a field, and that was a gold mine. Except for the fact that I cannot run anymore, I have no stamina for it. And I felt like dying at the end. Mostly because breathing hurt so much. After the run, I moseyed my way down to the pool and settled in with some Harry Potter. And got some wicked, hott tan lines. Which I plan on continuing to develop as the vacation progresses. Because I like tan lines, personally.

Tomorrow we are going to head up to Cleveland for Krista's wedding. Hopefully some of the OWU folk will be there too! I would also like it to continue to be low humidity, but I think it rolled back in this evening and I am going to HATE tomorrow afternoon. It's one thing for it to be hot, quite another to deal with my hair and skin with hot and wet.

I'm still going to go to New Mexico after I get back. (What? You didn't know I'm going to New Mexico? Hmm. I wonder why.) Anyways, that whole thing is either going to be somewhat complicated or really easy. It just depends on when CS has to leave Lamar and if I'm driving down with him. And what I'm taking with me. Apparently, I want to take as little as possible. I hope he understands that yarn is vital to my well being and that I am so buying that multi-colored rug from Target for the kitchen. I am the motherfucking Princess. But, God, he treats me like I am.

Ok, time to go pack before I get all gooey on you. He's fishing in the dark so no phone calls tonight.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dude, WTF?

Hi guys, I've been unemployed for the past week and OMG it is fantastic. Never mind I'm not making money, but hey! Who needs money to sleep in and lounge around all the time? NOT ME!

Actually, I've been kind of busy. Monday was the 5th Annual Kenny/Jess/And now Jayden Zoo Day! It was lots of fun, despite the many, many times JBelle asked to see more animals as we were on our way to see more animals. Three year olds? Are really repetative. Monday afternoon my Check Engine light came on and I got to deal with that fun again. Luckily, nothing major was wrong and the valve that was stuck open can now close. I need to start telling my car that the drama is over, please stop acting like a 13 year old girl.

Monday and Tuesday were spent in Denver, and while I'm not sure we did anything it was a lot of fun. I almost bought an ipod, but I am now glad I did not. Even if that limited edition red one is totally calling my name right now.

Oh, this is totally exciting for me to tell you. A few weeks ago, I discovered two little red, rashy spots on my stomach. They were too high up to be something caused by my clothing but they didn't itch and I mostly ignored them. Until last Friday when I discovered they started to fucking multiply. I called my Dr. on Monday but they couldn't get me in until Thursday. Which was fine, especially since on Thursday morning I woke up and found about 17 more spots right around my underwear line. It's so nice to wake up to red bumps. Not alarming at all! Anyways, I go to the Dr. and it turns out I have pityriosis rosea, which is a rash that is caused by something, they don't know and also there is no treatment. But it will go away. It's just on my torse, and it's not contagious. I always seem to get weird diseases that aren't harmful, just unheard of.

Ok, I'm procrastinating packing so I best get my butt into the library to say goodbyes before I go back home and pack all my shit into rubbermaid bins.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Phone Interview

I'm currently on the phone. Speakerphone, actually. But I'm not saying a whole lot. Just listening.

My grandparents are driving up from Oklahoma and due to the insane winds of the past few days, they had a late start and decided to stay the night in Lamar. They set up their RV on the south side of Lamar for the evening. Right now there are three people in their RV, and I make an invisible fourth. The third person is CS.

All evening long, my mom kept telling me that my grandparents were in Lamar and was CS going to go see him. I told her he would if I told him about it, and she didn't believe me. So I told him and he did. I called them and told them he was coming just in case that wasn't ok. (Even if it wasn't ok, I think it would have been fair to send him over since Grandpa went on and on about how they saw him at dinner with a red headed woman and four kids.) CS sent me a message right before he knocked on their door and I could hear him over the phone. I'm very amused. I'm sure my grandpa is tickled pink. He likes that kind of courteous behavior. I suppose I do too, or I wouldn't have sent him over. It was good for a laugh though.

Tomorrow's my last day of work. Of course, I'm excited. But it's going to go by so fast. And of course, I'm stressed out about leaving because I have two little red rashes on my stomach and when I showed them to my mom she gasped and said "Oh no! Are you getting shingles again?" Which, THANKS. I wanted a more, nonchalant answer. Like, "oh, no it's just dry skin. Put some lotion on it." I'm sure I'm not getting shingles, those spots hurt the last time. And I'm sure it's just dry skin and I need to put some cortisone on it. But it's not really something you want to think about right before you lose your health insurance.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ok, Never Mind

Hey! Crisis over! Not that there ever was a crisis, but I was having a slight freak out most of yesterday. And I'm better now. A night with a few bottles of wine on a patio can really, really turn your day around. Thank you, Yellow Tail and my new friend Lace. Just what I needed.

So Sunday night, I went over to CS's house because he had planned to be leaving that night for Lamar to start work the next morning. I showed up, and he was in the garage working on a project for his dad. He told me that he needed to tell me something and that he didn't know how much I already knew about it. It being that he is going through a divorce. This explains why so many people asked him if I was his wife. I simply thought it was a funny to to ask, and blamed it on being drunk. Never did I think that perhaps he was married! I just wondered why they didn't choose girlfriend as the term. Anyways, my ignorance aside, he was married and is now in the middle/end of a divorce. He told me this and then told me that the conversation we had in jest the night before about me going with him to New Mexico wasn't all joke and I was welcome to go with him. (Gosh, this sounds a lot worse than it really is.) There was a lot of other conversation thrown in there but I suppose I can keep some of that to myself.

Yeah, this is crazy and maybe has "RUN AWAY" written all over it. Maybe I will. For now, I'm going to Ohio on the 18th. And I'll keep re-evaluating all of this as I go. What will be, will be. Yes, it's crazy that he wants me to go with him when we just started dating. Could be fun. Could be bad. But it's not everyday that someone offers to simply take care of you. And tell me, if that were to happen to you, or has happened to you, how in the world do you disregard it?

Life's messy. But I like to play.

Monday, June 04, 2007

I'd Like To Be Mindless

But SO MUCH is right in front of my face it's impossible for me to be careless and post stories about what I am doing right now. Because Right NOW, this is on my plate:

*Moving to Ohio
*Stay in Colorado
*Moving to New Mexico (what you didn't know about NM? OH ME EITHER.)
*Making statements about how I don't ask too questions in a new relationship because "I like surprises" and then finding out why he laughed so hard at me for that. BIG FUCKING SURPRISES. Ones that have mixed reviews the more people I tell.
*Packing. How I'm going to move all the stuff I have, because I have a lot and I can't decide between a Uhaul and a moving company. Any thoughts?
*New relationship man (What to call him...) moving to Lamar for the next month this morning. Where he'll be for the rest of the week. Til Sunday, actually. So much for being able to get over the shock of News and then discuss it. I only abhor serious phone calls a tad bit more than I do text messaging.
*Where am I going to work? Live? Roommate?
*What shoes am I going to wear to Krista's wedding?
*This is my last week at work. I have so much to do. And I can't stop thinking about it all.

I need 8 hours of sleep and some therapy.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Dance? On the Bar? Why Not!

Last night, in my first drunken night since El Surgery, I decided that the Manhattan's bar staff should dance on the bar. Gooood plan. Actually, no one cared. Which may have been the best part about it. The bar had been busy before we came in but just as we got there the crowd of KU geologists left because they had to get up at 7. Pansies! Some nice KU boy gave me a cinnamon toothpick, and I put it in my pocket for later. I'm surprised I didn't stab myself with it. What a dangerous night, fraught with spicy shards of wood and standing on bars surrounded by glass bottles.

We're closing the library early today to hash out the new library plans with the architects. I'm sad to give up my comfy desk chair to sit in a cold basement. But it means I'm less likely to slap myself awake at 3 PM.