Friday, June 15, 2007

Dude, WTF?

Hi guys, I've been unemployed for the past week and OMG it is fantastic. Never mind I'm not making money, but hey! Who needs money to sleep in and lounge around all the time? NOT ME!

Actually, I've been kind of busy. Monday was the 5th Annual Kenny/Jess/And now Jayden Zoo Day! It was lots of fun, despite the many, many times JBelle asked to see more animals as we were on our way to see more animals. Three year olds? Are really repetative. Monday afternoon my Check Engine light came on and I got to deal with that fun again. Luckily, nothing major was wrong and the valve that was stuck open can now close. I need to start telling my car that the drama is over, please stop acting like a 13 year old girl.

Monday and Tuesday were spent in Denver, and while I'm not sure we did anything it was a lot of fun. I almost bought an ipod, but I am now glad I did not. Even if that limited edition red one is totally calling my name right now.

Oh, this is totally exciting for me to tell you. A few weeks ago, I discovered two little red, rashy spots on my stomach. They were too high up to be something caused by my clothing but they didn't itch and I mostly ignored them. Until last Friday when I discovered they started to fucking multiply. I called my Dr. on Monday but they couldn't get me in until Thursday. Which was fine, especially since on Thursday morning I woke up and found about 17 more spots right around my underwear line. It's so nice to wake up to red bumps. Not alarming at all! Anyways, I go to the Dr. and it turns out I have pityriosis rosea, which is a rash that is caused by something, they don't know and also there is no treatment. But it will go away. It's just on my torse, and it's not contagious. I always seem to get weird diseases that aren't harmful, just unheard of.

Ok, I'm procrastinating packing so I best get my butt into the library to say goodbyes before I go back home and pack all my shit into rubbermaid bins.


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