Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ok, Never Mind

Hey! Crisis over! Not that there ever was a crisis, but I was having a slight freak out most of yesterday. And I'm better now. A night with a few bottles of wine on a patio can really, really turn your day around. Thank you, Yellow Tail and my new friend Lace. Just what I needed.

So Sunday night, I went over to CS's house because he had planned to be leaving that night for Lamar to start work the next morning. I showed up, and he was in the garage working on a project for his dad. He told me that he needed to tell me something and that he didn't know how much I already knew about it. It being that he is going through a divorce. This explains why so many people asked him if I was his wife. I simply thought it was a funny to to ask, and blamed it on being drunk. Never did I think that perhaps he was married! I just wondered why they didn't choose girlfriend as the term. Anyways, my ignorance aside, he was married and is now in the middle/end of a divorce. He told me this and then told me that the conversation we had in jest the night before about me going with him to New Mexico wasn't all joke and I was welcome to go with him. (Gosh, this sounds a lot worse than it really is.) There was a lot of other conversation thrown in there but I suppose I can keep some of that to myself.

Yeah, this is crazy and maybe has "RUN AWAY" written all over it. Maybe I will. For now, I'm going to Ohio on the 18th. And I'll keep re-evaluating all of this as I go. What will be, will be. Yes, it's crazy that he wants me to go with him when we just started dating. Could be fun. Could be bad. But it's not everyday that someone offers to simply take care of you. And tell me, if that were to happen to you, or has happened to you, how in the world do you disregard it?

Life's messy. But I like to play.

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