Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hello Ohio!

EEEK! I'm here in Ohio. And having a good time on my own. Kirstin has to work so I am entertaining myself. Today I met Liz for lunch and then went back to her house for some beer drinking on her back porch. At 3 PM. I love being unemployed!


I'm getting a tan. It's awesome. I got up this morning and took Kirstin to work and then stopped at Tim Horton's and almost died of happiness. Do you know how much I love Timmy Ho's? Enough to move back here, that's how much. And I couldn't believe that I had forgotten about Tim Ho's on Wednesday and that I actually considered going to Starbucks that morning for coffee. Who the fuck does that? No one who has had Tim Horton's coffee and a 10 pack of Timbits, that's for sure.

Anyways, after that lovely breakfast I watched some Desperate Housewives on my laptop before going for a run around the apartment complex. I found a field, and that was a gold mine. Except for the fact that I cannot run anymore, I have no stamina for it. And I felt like dying at the end. Mostly because breathing hurt so much. After the run, I moseyed my way down to the pool and settled in with some Harry Potter. And got some wicked, hott tan lines. Which I plan on continuing to develop as the vacation progresses. Because I like tan lines, personally.

Tomorrow we are going to head up to Cleveland for Krista's wedding. Hopefully some of the OWU folk will be there too! I would also like it to continue to be low humidity, but I think it rolled back in this evening and I am going to HATE tomorrow afternoon. It's one thing for it to be hot, quite another to deal with my hair and skin with hot and wet.

I'm still going to go to New Mexico after I get back. (What? You didn't know I'm going to New Mexico? Hmm. I wonder why.) Anyways, that whole thing is either going to be somewhat complicated or really easy. It just depends on when CS has to leave Lamar and if I'm driving down with him. And what I'm taking with me. Apparently, I want to take as little as possible. I hope he understands that yarn is vital to my well being and that I am so buying that multi-colored rug from Target for the kitchen. I am the motherfucking Princess. But, God, he treats me like I am.

Ok, time to go pack before I get all gooey on you. He's fishing in the dark so no phone calls tonight.

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