Friday, June 29, 2007

Go, Go Toledo

I'm here in Toledo with Annushka. We went sunbathing today, after lunch at Starbucks then again in her back yard. I understand how people get obsessed with the tanning beds because I am the same way, just with actual sunshine. It's best when there is a body of water standing by, like the pool at home or a lake, but I can lay out for a few hours without it. I do have to shower afterwards though. Sweaty is not the look I like to go for.

Sally is getting ready to move into her apartment in AA so this morning we checked out some cookware sets at JCP. I couldn't help but wonder all the things I'm going to need when I get to New Mexico. Like, do we have dishes? What kind of shower curtain am I going to want? Rug from Target for the kitchen floor? Yes, I can just ask CS what he has, but I'm not really going to know until I get down there. He says that we only need the essentials and that he has everything we need. I somehow doubt this. I am a girl, after all. I'm kind of proving him right, actually. Since he thinks it's scarier for a guy to have a girl move in with him rather than a girl moving in with a guy. Because girls come in and change everything to be like how they want it to be. And while I'm laid back and not worried that maybe his sheets won't match my conforter, I am wondering if I'm going to be making dinner out of a skillet or something like that. Boys. Such a mystery.

But then again, I like surprises!

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Anonymous said...

AA = Ann Arbor NOT Alcoholics Anonymous

just an fyi y'all