Monday, June 25, 2007

Beachy Keen

I just got back from the beach. My skin is getting so pretty! Although, I have to say, the beach is fun but it's not so awesome being there alone. It's more fun to have someone to complain about the dead fish smell and the heat. And it's more fun to go in the water with someone, as I am afraid of lakes. Sharks in lakes, actually.

There was an adorable Bernese Mountain dog puppy there too. And a huge yellow Lab that made me miss my Hunty Hunt. Duncan is right next to me right now but he's not so much like Hunter. A lot smaller, for one. And also, if I start poking him, he ignores me. I am so beneath him, I think.

Anyways, I should shower and get the sand off of me before Sarah comes home and we go see Knocked Up. Her boytoy won't go with her because he says it's "bad juju", which I think is hilarious, so we are going to go!

I hope it's sunny tomorrow to. I can't handle the Ohio rains right now. It's way more fun when it's sunny!

1 comment:

Duncan Donuts said...

Duncan says he misses you. And you can poke him if he wants, because

I LOVE IT!!!!!

(he says he's sorry for being a snobby little brat but I LOVE IT!!!!)

Hope you're having fun in T-town!