Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kitchen Aid!

The past weekend, I attended a paper piecing retreat in Fort Collins. We were taught by the lovely Penny and it's incredible how much I learned. I had zero knowledge of how to even attempt paper piecing and while I am not anywhere near a pro, I was super excited to be able to paper piece a little fox for the baby's quilt. Assuming I can get around to finishing that before June. 

The block I made it the Kitchen Aid mixer with the bright blue background and we thought I should include my belly in almost every photo I took. It's kind of taking over everything. 

We didn't stay the night at the Inn, but next time I am totally spending the night in the yellow room here. It has the most amazing bathtub, although I don't think I can get in and out of it safely at the moment. I also had the best food EVER, all made by Tara and she is absolutely hilarious. I can't even re-create the conversations we had in her car as we drove around FoCo on Saturday afternoon. 

So, just another reason why I think moving to Fort Collins would be a stellar idea. We just need AMR to transfer Chris and we are all set.  

I also got the chance to go out to dinner with one of my co-workers and one of my bosses. It's great to work at home, but I would love to be able to work around everyone at the warehouse!  They also gifted me with an amazing maternity leave package and I can't tell you how blessed I was to have that security from them. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby Update

We had another ultrasound this morning after my Monday morning appointment revealed that I am measuring 34 cm while only being 31 weeks. My doctor isn't worried, but she does like to have a reason to schedule an ultrasound if she can. So off we went this morning.

Everything looks good, and baby was actually head down and I'm almost positive that was not the case earlier that morning. I felt like I was a punching bag on the drive to the Dr. Based on the measurements, baby is about 3 lbs. and 14 oz. which places it right in the middle of the spectrum. I have a lot of fluid in there though, about double the amount that they want to see, although it's not a bad thing to have more. At least, I don't think so! I'm not sure if there is anything they can do to take away from the amount of fluid. Or why they would need to do that.

The tech also made us look away as she found out the sex and I am almost positive that she slipped up and said "she" right after looking. She then told us she was going to check the legs and then the sex, but I think it was a cover-up. Chris refuses to play along with me, and I maintain that he knows we are having a girl. Especially since he keeps saying that he got his boy...

Plus, how cruel would it be to have a boy and not Elise the Police, as Jacob will not be able to wrap his mind around that one come June. Baby boy really wants his baby sister!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The other day, Chris got his grill set up at our house and the boys went to work on making some dinner.

Of course, grilling means beer for Chris and I let Jacob pick out a Grape soda when we went to the store for the meat. Chris has a collection of Bass Pro Coozies that he unearthed from our storage unit at some point, so they decided that they needed to be used.

Grilling is serious guys business, I guess. I'm not sure, I spent most of the time, barefoot and pregnant in front of the stove.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

So, I spend the majority of Easter weekend at church. Being on the worship team is great fun and a wonderful way I can serve, but it can be a bit consuming over a holiday!

I didn't get to see Jacob dye eggs or have an Easter egg hunt, but I know he got to do all those things multiple times with various members of the family.

I also took my camera with me quite a few times, as well, but only got to take 2 shots of the boy. He spend most of last week sick with a cough and a low fever, so those two days of non-stop action with the family was rough on him. He finally crashed at 4:15 on Sunday afternoon as we drove to my in-laws. He took a good nap and then stayed up half the night.

Lucky for me, everything is mostly back to normal now!

PS. I am super excited about the huge basket of candy he brought home from all the egg hunts. More chocolate for mama!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Block Swap

I thought I'd share a few blocks I've done for the Modern Quilt Guild, mostly because it's the ONLY crafting I've been doing and I finish them all really late as it is!

The block above is a Snail Trail block and the tutorial looked super easy at first but I had the hardest time wrapping my head around it. Luckily, the Flickr group was a huge help for me as I could see other blocks and get some idea of where to put each piece!

This was a wonky 9 patch and it was fun to put together but kind of tricky! Mostly because I have a hard time "wasting" fabric and true wonkiness is best achieved by not worrying about that kind of thing.

I should take some photos of the great blocks I am getting back from everyone else! If I keep at this until November, I will have 12 blocks to make into a quilt!