Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

So, I spend the majority of Easter weekend at church. Being on the worship team is great fun and a wonderful way I can serve, but it can be a bit consuming over a holiday!

I didn't get to see Jacob dye eggs or have an Easter egg hunt, but I know he got to do all those things multiple times with various members of the family.

I also took my camera with me quite a few times, as well, but only got to take 2 shots of the boy. He spend most of last week sick with a cough and a low fever, so those two days of non-stop action with the family was rough on him. He finally crashed at 4:15 on Sunday afternoon as we drove to my in-laws. He took a good nap and then stayed up half the night.

Lucky for me, everything is mostly back to normal now!

PS. I am super excited about the huge basket of candy he brought home from all the egg hunts. More chocolate for mama!

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