Monday, June 04, 2007

I'd Like To Be Mindless

But SO MUCH is right in front of my face it's impossible for me to be careless and post stories about what I am doing right now. Because Right NOW, this is on my plate:

*Moving to Ohio
*Stay in Colorado
*Moving to New Mexico (what you didn't know about NM? OH ME EITHER.)
*Making statements about how I don't ask too questions in a new relationship because "I like surprises" and then finding out why he laughed so hard at me for that. BIG FUCKING SURPRISES. Ones that have mixed reviews the more people I tell.
*Packing. How I'm going to move all the stuff I have, because I have a lot and I can't decide between a Uhaul and a moving company. Any thoughts?
*New relationship man (What to call him...) moving to Lamar for the next month this morning. Where he'll be for the rest of the week. Til Sunday, actually. So much for being able to get over the shock of News and then discuss it. I only abhor serious phone calls a tad bit more than I do text messaging.
*Where am I going to work? Live? Roommate?
*What shoes am I going to wear to Krista's wedding?
*This is my last week at work. I have so much to do. And I can't stop thinking about it all.

I need 8 hours of sleep and some therapy.

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