Thursday, June 07, 2007

Phone Interview

I'm currently on the phone. Speakerphone, actually. But I'm not saying a whole lot. Just listening.

My grandparents are driving up from Oklahoma and due to the insane winds of the past few days, they had a late start and decided to stay the night in Lamar. They set up their RV on the south side of Lamar for the evening. Right now there are three people in their RV, and I make an invisible fourth. The third person is CS.

All evening long, my mom kept telling me that my grandparents were in Lamar and was CS going to go see him. I told her he would if I told him about it, and she didn't believe me. So I told him and he did. I called them and told them he was coming just in case that wasn't ok. (Even if it wasn't ok, I think it would have been fair to send him over since Grandpa went on and on about how they saw him at dinner with a red headed woman and four kids.) CS sent me a message right before he knocked on their door and I could hear him over the phone. I'm very amused. I'm sure my grandpa is tickled pink. He likes that kind of courteous behavior. I suppose I do too, or I wouldn't have sent him over. It was good for a laugh though.

Tomorrow's my last day of work. Of course, I'm excited. But it's going to go by so fast. And of course, I'm stressed out about leaving because I have two little red rashes on my stomach and when I showed them to my mom she gasped and said "Oh no! Are you getting shingles again?" Which, THANKS. I wanted a more, nonchalant answer. Like, "oh, no it's just dry skin. Put some lotion on it." I'm sure I'm not getting shingles, those spots hurt the last time. And I'm sure it's just dry skin and I need to put some cortisone on it. But it's not really something you want to think about right before you lose your health insurance.

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