Wednesday, March 07, 2012

For the Boy

Chris put in his two week notice at his part time job last month and this week was his first week off. We know that the pay cut is going to make things a little rougher on things for a while, until Chris gets his finances straightened out, but life should be a little more normal now.

Before, Chris was working 5-5 on the weekends, including Friday and every other Thursday, as well as Monday and Tuesday nights. So we saw him a little bit on Monday and maybe a little more on Wednesday. He was just gone/sleeping for most of the time.

Yesterday, he had time and the weather was amazing, so he tilled up the garden to get it ready for planting.

Today, he took Jacob to the Children's Museum in Pueblo.

I think these things are more important than a free for all shopping trip to Target, you know?

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Mama in the City said...

It is so wonderful to be able to have bursts of time to do your own thing. I can really appreciate that.