Monday, June 02, 2008

Cool Treats

CS had to work both Saturday and Sunday to make up for having Memorial Day off. This isn't unusual for them to work seven days a week, it's just part of the job. But back in New Mexico, it didn't really matter if they had a day off because there wasn't a whole lot to do besides drive to Texas and go shopping. But here? I am enjoying my weekends. We go to the lake at least once a weekend, sometimes even on Saturdays after CS gets off. The water's warm enough that you can swim even if you don't get out there until after 4 PM. So despite a working weekend, we went to the lake yesterday afternoon. We loaded up the Hunt (who got to ride in the cab this time because the we were supposed to drop off the RV for someone), stopped at Sonic for a snack (Cherry Lime slush and a corndog), and headed out for the lake. Actually, we ended up at the diversion falls, or something, I call it the Wash because that's what it says on the sign. The Salt River feeds Roosevelt lake and at one point of the river, there is a man-made falls. It's not very high, about three feet for each level and there are three of them. The top step is pretty wide and you can walk across it to the other side of the river. The best part, though, is the wash makes a little dam and the water behind the falls is pretty deep. CS can stand most anywhere in it, but I'm just little so I can't. It's great to swim there, because while there isn't a shore to go to, there are no damn trees underwater to scratch the hell out of you as you're swimming alone. The current also makes it a lot more of a work out to swim away from the falls. The water's pretty clear, too. Just in case the huge catfish that must live in the trees along the shore decide to make a nice snack out of a chocolate lab.

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