Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The other day, as we were headed back from an evening at the river, I called CS a girl. I do this a lot actually, probably because I'm convinced that men and women do THE SAME THINGS but only girls get called on some of them because our culture is completely obsessed with genderizing everything. I called CS a girl because he was complaining about how there were some red marks on his leg and obviously it was from swimming in bug infested water and he was going to be covered in chigger bites in 24 hours. He even found a bug in his hair after he got out of the water and freaked out because there was a DAMN BUG IN HIS HAIR. So I called him a girl. And then he retaliated by pointing to my belly and asking "what's this?" and I promptly said "a boy."

A BOY? No no no no no. It's a girl. Now CS thinks he can hold it against me, since I responded without thinking I must think it's a boy. Maybe now I wish I was having twins, one of each. Just so it can be fair in my household when all this is over.

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