Saturday, February 23, 2008

Changes Abound

Dear Everyone,

I'm moving to Arizona! I think. So far, that's the plan.

Wednesday we found out for sure that we are headed to Globe, AZ for a new six to eight month job. (Way to go, Jess. Be in the hottest state for the end of your pregnancy.) They are building a copper mill, and the job is about an hour from the suburbs of Phoenix. The town itself is itty bitty- 6,000 population and NO PLACE TO LIVE. Sounds familiar. There is still a chance we can get the trailer if they approve the loan and that will make things super easy. I just don't want to compromise in getting a rental again because there is no way I want to bring a baby back to a place like this. We might have to move to a different town and CS will have a commute which we both hate the idea of.

Unfortunately, CS and I won't even be getting into town early to find a place because I found a GREAT deal on tickets to Seattle. $300 for two nonstop, roundtrip tickets? Oh hell yes. We're going to visit some friends of CS and hopefully we do a lot of looking around Seattle and less drinking of beer in the house. I'm sorry, I do not visit places to curl up on other people's couches unless it is Thanksgiving break and cold outside. Plus, Seattle has a beach with the ocean and that's enough to keep me occupied for a good six hours. I don't even care that it's not a warm beach. I just like the crashing sounds of the water. Until I start finding dead seal bodies, that's a little unpleasant.

Until last night, we were pretty sure that AZ was the plan, Seattle was going to happen, and Globe was certainly going to be better than Hobbs. But then we found out that there is no where to live without a eight month waiting list. Then we found out that the job site itself is a mess and they are sending three guys this weekend to straighten things out. There is the possibility that we might have to cancel Seattle and be there by the 5th of March. There is also a chance that the entire project might be called off and the crew is sent to Utah because the man in charge is new at his position and has no idea what he's doing.

That's what I found out last night. Isn't that fun? I never really know where I'm going or what's going to happen because it's constantly changing even when we think it's all been set in motion.

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