Friday, February 15, 2008

Loss Of Vision

This morning, I popped out of bed and got ready for work. I didn't walk Hunter because CS has been sick so someone is home with him, and I have been walking him in the afternoons when I get off work. I made lunch and had breakfast of English Muffins and Organic Chocolate milk before heading out to my car to let it warm up for a while (because, damn it, it cold cool here again.) and MY CAR WOULDN'T START. I've known I needed to take it in for a while, mostly just to get the oil changed and check the alignment. Yesterday my battery light came on for a few seconds but I've learned not to freak out by such things since it's not a brand new car. However, obviously something is wrong. So I traipsed myself up the stairs to tell CS that Car=Dead and when I walk back downstairs with him I notice that my right eye has a blight spot in it. And, Oh, I know what this means. Hello Migraine. I hate you. I took two Tylenol right away, called work to tell them my little situation, called the Dr. to ask for advice, and waited for CS to tell me that either the alternator or the battery was the car culprit. Meanwhile, my vision is spazzing out and I can't see most of CS standing next to me unless I look awkwardly. About twenty minutes later, my vision clears suddenly but I know it's by no means over. I've closed the curtains in the living room and am laying down when my right hand and arm go numb along with the right side of my lip and tongue. I freak the hell out and call my mom who tells me it's just part of the migraine and to call my Dr. back and ask them. I do and they call in a prescription for Tylenol 3 which CS goes off to get for me. I took it and passed out for a while. It's not a full migraine but it's not painless. The codeine in the pills make me feel a little nauseous. Nothing I haven't been dealing with lately.

Actually, I've been feeling a lot better. Next week, I will be 12 weeks along which means THREE months pregnant! And after that, 13 weeks means the end of my first trimester. I feel quite proud in the fact that I'm not showing at all yet and I haven't gained any weight (because Zoot said you should have to, but not like I have been actively trying not to eat. I eat a lot of food now, I suspect weight gain is imminent.) However, my boobs have made up for extra girth in their own way. Thanks a lot, now I need new bras.

For Valentine's Day, CS was home sick and I was at work. We went to dinner at a pretty awful pizza place but it didn't have a wait and we saw Jumper. Disappointing movie, I think because it's PG. And set up for a sequel, which left me saying "Is that the end?" in very mocking tones. My brother was a very super little brother and got me some flowers, chocolates, and little gold earrings. I think I'll let him continue living with us. Even if he's married, and he didn't tell me about it. Punkass.

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