Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Becoming Obvious

I've been meaning to take weekly shots of the belly but until last week I was pretty sure it wasn't changing at all. But, OH NO, all that's changed now. I'm officially into my 13th week and apparently entering the 2nd Trimester means "You MUST have a belly NOW." I'm less than delighted with this because it means tight clothes and not being able to wear my new Banana clothes anymore. Less than two months old and already I have to put them aside. Anyways, on with it!

This first picture was taken the day after I took the prego test. Also, I was wearing my skinny jeans and let it be known, that was the last time I wore them.

I believe this next photo was taken two weeks ago, right around the 11 weeks mark.

And now this last one, taken tonight. Please excuse the dirty mirror, I've not cleaned it this week and apparently I live with people who are incapable of not splashing the mirror. Also, I'm moving in two days and I don't get my deposit back so I probably won't clean it again. However, that's not the important thing to see. I am SHOWING. I'd really like to blame it on having dinner and some club soda just a few hours ago, or maybe I'm all bloated with air or water, maybe I'm just not sucking it in like last time. But I don't think it's the case. I think it's just beginning.

Ps. Excuse the marks from my pants. It's not my fault.

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Duncan Donuts said...


If I were around I'd make you take them every day. Appease me!