Monday, March 10, 2008

720 Miles Later

We are in AZ. It took a long time. I do not relish doing that drive again. There was nothing spectacular about it and I had to stop to pee more than I needed to re-fuel my car. I think there was an incredible pass we drove through, very tight switchbacks down a 7% grade but it was dark out and I could only see the road. It was through a reservation and quite a few miles away so I don't see returning there often.

I made the mistake of commenting to my mom as we drove through the reservation town about how NICE things were in Arizona and how nothing was boarded up and it was all clean and new and sparkly. I should have kept my mouth shut. Globe is much nicer than Hobbs ( I went to Safeway this afternoon and had four people ask me if I needed help in the span of 5 minutes) but it's still a small town that's seen it's glory days back in the mining boom. So many of the hills and mesa's surrounding us are made of materials taken from the mines and in the reclaimation phase. There are no trees here, but there is a winding stream running through town that I took Hunter to this morning. I haven't found any parks but there is a golf course. There are restaurants here that I will actually enter. I've seen coffee shops and a nutritional store.

We're still not sure where we are going to live. Right now we are in a hotel for a few days and after that we are trying to get into an RV park and stay in a borrowed 5th wheel for a bit until we can try to get one of our own (we are in the Snowbird state). I've only liked one park so far and of course they had no openings. It was down town and by the river so I could walk Hunty there. Maybe something will open up soon. If the trailer idea fails, I suppose we will drive around and find places for rent or sale and get a house.

This is my least favorite part about going someplace new. So much unknown and small towns are harder to get a place to stay than a big city. I wish it was all set up for us before we even got here. That'd be perfect, thanks!

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abbacus said...

I stayed in Globe, AZ overnight once when I was 13ish. There are some ruins near there, I don't remember much else except that they were my second favorite of the various ruins we saw on that particular family vacation.