Monday, March 24, 2008

Somewhere In The Second Trimester

I had my first appointment at my new doctor's office last week and they were so kind as to change my due date again. It's really frustrating to go to a new doctor and have them change something that you've been told is the be all end all of dates. Not that I think I will deliver on that date. I fully expect to go over that date by at least a week but they based my September 2nd due date on the first ultrasound and the Dr. said they are rarely off by more than a few days at such an early stage. So I want my new doctor's assistants to listen to me and just put down the 2nd, not the 29th or the 1st. September 2nd. OK? Because if it's not the 2nd, then you are telling me I am 17 weeks along when I clearly think I am only 16 and two days. Do not make me miss a day in my Pregnancy Countdown!

However, they did redeem themselves a little when they offered me an ultrasound. Sadly they don't have 4-D so I had to deal with the grainy ugliness of the old school ultrasound machine. We aren't finding out the sex, but it would have been nearly impossible not to see if had it been a 4-D machine because baby joey was laying on it's back, fully exposed. CS swears that he saw it's a boy but I think he's wrong. He's not an ultrasound technician! Just wishful thinking, my friend. The heartbeat was 150, quite in the middle of the spectrum so there is no guessing there.

He also claims I'm carrying low. But you can decide for yourself.

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