Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome To Arizona, Land Of The 24 Year Old Snowbird

CS and I bought an RV yesterday. Supposedly. According to the sales people, we meet a few of their banks criteria for loans so even though it was a Sunday, we signed the forms and paid a down payment on a Prowler 5th Wheel. CS assures me that it's not a joke, that his is how he got the truck but I'm waiting for them to call and say "ok, when do you want to pick it up" and "here are your keys." That's when I'll go along with it.

I know it sounds so ridiculous that I am going to own an RV. I mean, I'm having a baby for Pete's Sake. However, this RV? Has an extra room, with a little cupboard and drawers! And a real DOOR. Right now I'm living in a box and I can't tell you how much difference a real door makes.

So before you freak out that I'm a crazy, crazy who lives in a RV park and will be having 6 kids in dirty clothes and 3 dogs tied up underneath my 5th wheel, let me explain. If we continue moving around from place to place (like we plan on doing) we are going to be wasting handfuls of money every month. Not only in rent to skeezy landlords who allow their apartments to fall apart and refuse to give any of the deposit back when we can't give a full thirty days, to paying for utilities, and also renting furniture. Will all those bills piled up, we are paying over fifteen hundred a month in living expenses just to live in a horrible apartment. By buying an RV, we are saving ourselves almost a thousand a month. What would you do if you had an extra grand a month?

The other benefit is with moving. When we get to a new place, we don't have much time to find a place before CS has to be at work every day. These small towns aren't used to a large group of people coming in so finding a place isn't easy. Which means staying in a hotel and that costs mucho dinero. Also boring for me. When we have our own 5th wheel, we just secure everything down and drive away. No more scramble for boxes and packing them into my car and CS's truck. No disrupting the baby's life because we are picking up and moving. It's the closest we can get to making a stable environment for a baby.

This 5th wheel is HUGE. It has a really tall ceiling and the kitchen has tons of cupboards and even a pantry! (sorta) There is a TV stand and a table. Room for Hunter on the floor and a real shower. It's new. It doesn't smell musty and previously smoked in. Truly clean and sparkly. It just makes sense even if it's a tad bit weird to admit that I will live in the RV park off the highway, last row at the top, third trailer in.

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