Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pick A Date!

My new office has changed my due date again. Now it's September 1st or the 29th of August. I'm not sure which one I'm supposed to be going with. GAHH. It's frustrating because they base it all on the date of your last period, which makes me conceiving this baby about two days after my period ended and that's not quite how it works if I read my literature correctly. So I don't even believe that the September one is right, but whatever they say.

My new OB's office is quite large and simple. They don't have a 4-D ultrasound, which was a huge disappointment to CS and me. It's just not the same to see that grainy baby when you could be seeing your baby with detail. We don't want to know the sex, but with a better ultrasound, we could have been able to tell. CS claims to have "seen it" when the technician was moving the wand down from the head to the feet. He's not convinced that we're having a boy and wanted to register for only blue things. I still maintain that we have no idea. He doesn't know how to read ultrasounds!

Everything is good, the heartbeat is in the mid-range (150) and baby joey is about 5 ounces and somewhere around 4 inches long. The head was on my left side and feet on my right. I'm still not feeling any kicks, even though baby joey was moving around the whole time we were doing the ultrasound. Baby also refused to roll over so we could see the spine, even though she tried vigorously shaking my stomach with the wand. Stubborn, just like the daddy.

After the doctor's appointment, we made our way to Target to register and had a lovely argument over something duck related. I'm sure it was a good time for all the people walking around us as I tried to figure out why CS wouldn't use the scanner thingy on any more items after I made him put the most adorable Duck robe on the list. I mean, there are blue zoo animal sheets on there! I can have a duck robe. But apparently boys don't wear robes.

Then I made him wait while I found cute dresses to wear. Thank god the style that's in right now is loose and flowing. Because prego pants? Are fugly.

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