Thursday, March 27, 2008

May 1st

(btw, we didn't get the RV. We were all set to go get it on Saturday when they called us on Friday night at 5 and said the bank changed their minds. I think this is bullshit because the RV place should not take your money and tell you it's yours when the bank has the final say. That's just a mindscrew.)

So the apartment/house search is on the way. The place I found yesterday might not actually allow dogs like they told me it did. I found out today when I turned in the application. It's ok if they don't, because I wasn't actually excited about living over in the ghetto again. After my disappointing meeting with that apartment broker, I walked down the street to a Cafe to get some decaf coffee and a pumpkin pastry (something Spanish, I do not remember. Panella?) As I left the coffee shop, I noticed a woman walking into a realty office just down the street so I meandered my way down to see if she had anything for rent. And LO! She does. Two houses, actually. But they are not ready until May 1st. Which I thought was April 1st until about halfway through the conversation and that made me sad. One might be ready on the 15th of April, but she can't promise anything and it's the smaller of the two places. It might not have laundry hookups either but it can be furnished. So many options. (Not really) I found a place in the paper but when I went to go look at it, I knew instantly that it Too dirty and not in a nice area. I'll stay here in this little RV park for now because I am not living in squalor just because it's ready in a week. We would need a lot of paint and some new carpet in order for that place to be ready.

It's frustrating to do this again because I'm sure it will be a never ending process. Every time we move, we will have to struggle to find a place. Because we don't get here early enough to get the better places nor are there a lot of nice places to live in these small towns. The broker I talked to this morning told me that lots of landlords are being greedy for money right now because it's been so long since they've had people coming into town. I understand they want to make money when they can, but exploiting us is not ethical. Yes, we get a housing stipend. But it doesn't cover everything.

This was why a nice, new RV had such appeal. Never having to deal with sucky landlords and dirty apartments? Yes, please. Even when the RV lady wants Hunter on a leash AT ALL TIMES because she's afraid her preshuss squeaky toy dogs are going to be mauled. Yeah right, lady. Hunter is more afraid of those little rats than they are of him. It's because he knows I hate toy dogs. They aren't real dogs, more like furry alligators that yip.

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