Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Bullet Points Before Bed

*I got fabric today. I have a quilt to make for my mom. Never mind the fact that MY quilt isn't finished and I can't get the quilting part down. I think I have to take mine back and get a different one, I'm pretty sure what it's doing isn't normal.

*I made cookies yesterday and somehow the oven that's never warm enough burnt a whole pan of them.

*CS's brother made a snide comment on Facebook about how hard it is to see a dirty pan sitting out when it needs to be cleaned so he was going to put it into his bedroom and store it with the knives that we are no longer allowed to use. I'm refraining from commenting back about the linguine and sauce he left sitting on the counter for a few days because that's just bitchy. But I will be going to the storage unit tomorrow and getting my own pots and pans and knives out. Which I will then leave on the counter, dirty and taking up space for at least three days.

*CS and I went geocaching today and it was oddly exciting. It seems like it's a nerdy thing to do, but really it's not. We are looking for treasure! And today, we found two matchbox cars for Jacob. That's some pretty sparkly treasure right there. One car was a Mercedes! Score! (However, I suck at reading coordinates)

*I'm leaving for Ohio in a week and I'm getting very nervous. I wish CS could come with me, because I'm sad he doesn't get to meet everyone and I'm a little terrified to leave him. Things have been really good and there is no reason for me to think that he will do anything I wouldn't approve of but I'm nearly incapacitated over it sometimes. I've always had a hard time leaving him, mostly because I worried he wouldn't be able to take care of himself and the dog but now I have the added stress of wondering if he's going to be at the bar and after the bar, will he go home and what if she texts him? It's hard and I hate how i feel. I wish I could lock my emotions into a part of my brain and not revisit them but I am not like that. I feel everything.

*I have an interview with the principal of the middle school for a teaching position for 7th grade language arts. I am worried because I have to describe my perfect classroom and explain my ideas and policies. I have no idea if they will even consider me without a certificate but I'm going to try. I have to get a few letters of recommendation and I think that will be tricky since the Hobbs teachers are probably trying to deal with their end of the year stress and asking for a letter as soon as possible isn't very nice. I knew I should have asked before I left New Mexico.

*Jacob is getting his second two year molar. Maybe this explains some of his crab claw-ness. He also cried for two hours in his crib the other night and refused to sleep unless he was next to me. I really didn't think he would be able to cry it out for that long. Boy is stubborn.


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