Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Big 4

 Oh Jacob. I wish I knew where the last four years have gone. I know they have been awesome, mostly because of you. You are still a very emotional boy, and while it drives me crazy sometimes about the things that make you cry, it's also nice that you still need someone to comfort you.
 I like that I can make your birthday cake for you, with Cars, as requested and all you remember about it is that it was carrot cake. Which you didn't even eat!
 You started Pre-School just two days before your party and there were no tears over me leaving you. You went and played with the trains, amid all the kids in your class, after kissing me goodbye.

You still have an adorable speech impediment, saying "w" for your "l" sounds and I know eventually that will fade away. You like to tell stories about silly things and play with your millions and millions of tiny cars.

You have a new bed, a bunk bed, that I'm only about 80% sure you are going to sleep in all night long so we have to turn on your "tiny lights" in case you decide to climb out in the middle of the night, all fumbling and bleary eyed.

You have become the best big brother, although as I write this, you tried to pull Elise from her crib and make her cry.  You like to make her laugh, even when you can't keep your face far enough from her eyes so she can actually see you.  You share your blankets with her, even though you want me to give you the old, broken trash can that I am using to hold her dirty diapers because you think it's yours. I have no idea why, because it's old, cracked, and smells like ammonia.

You came in and told me your first joke the other day, when you tried to convince me that Hunter had eaten the bottle of slime you bought at the zoo. I had to ask you several times if Hunter really had eaten it, before you cracked a huge smile and admitted you were joking. 

You are the very best, Jacob, and I love you so much. Even when I have to tell you for the hundredth time to stop yelling because your sister is sleeping. 

Bonus shot of Elise: She really likes boobs, OBVIOUSLY!


Mama in the City said...

What a sweet sweet post to your son. 4 years old seems like a big turning point of boyhood. I noticed subtle changes with my own freshly 4 year old. His face is shifting away from baby chub and more into angular boy face. The way he thinks about things is so much more independent too. Great pic of baby Elise looking at her lunch buffet ;)

Mrs. Wells said...

Awe this made me tear up a little bit!