Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Easter Was Last Week, Right?

 No, not it was not. But yet, those are the most recent photos I have.

Two kids, one almost husband, one wedding, a job, a dog, and a house take up all my time. Although I have read a few books in the last few weeks (Sookie, Robin Hobb's last dragon book, something else that I thought was important and forgot)
We planted our garden last Monday and already the corn, cucumbers, and squash are up. Flowers are starting to bloom and our grass is getting greener. Winter seemed to never end this Spring and suddenly, it's summer and we spent yesterday afternoon at the pool. 

Time seemed to go so slowly before I had children. Suddenly, it's 3 days until June and my baby girl is going to be a whole year old. I hear Jacob is turning 5 this Fall and I'm choosing to ignore that. Surely, he's only 3, maybe 4?

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