Friday, January 04, 2008


I have one! It's amazing because usually I find that my life has very little that can be fixed by a New Year's Resolution. I already eat healthy, work out, a wonderful boyfriend, have a job I enjoy, a Chocolate Lab, and an ipod. Not to say I'm perfect in all ways, by all means. But I am content enough that I don't feel compelled to change my life based on a new year.

However. I do lack in one area. One I would like to commit myself to. WRITING.

So four days into the new year I have decided to alert you! Hi! Happy Christmas and Merry Year! (As JBelle might have said.)

My Christmas vacation was awesome. The guys did end up with time off, from the 22nd to the 28th so I was able to spend Christmas with CS and my family. We left Hobbs early enough on the 22nd to get to my house before JBelle went to bed. She was so excited to see me that she opened the front door, screamed "Jess", slammed the door, ran back to Gramma and said "Hunter is gorgeous!" before I got into the house. She's quite the character. Later that night, way past her bedtime, she started crying that she couldn't go to sleep because Hunter stinks and she needs to throw up. She proceeded to run to the bathroom, rip her shirt off, and lean her little body over the toilet bowl. She did not throw up.

I went a little over board on christmas gifts for her. I got them all on ebay, and I'm ok with that. Maybe you think that's cheap but I have my reasons. I used to play with Littlest Pet Shop toys when I was younger and the brand has made a revival. Except they are scary. Where my old LPS was proportional, cute and realistic, the new ones are bobble-headed and bug eyed. I am not down. So I bought two huge sets from ebay. I spent less than $100 on it all, and I got my money worth. Tons of accessories, lots of animals, and a slew of habitats. I love them all. JBelle likes three of them. A hamster, a horse, and a mermaid cat with jewel eyes that isn't even LPS. I, of course, am baffled and I couldn't have predicted that one. My mom got her a modern LPS house for the animals and we spend many an evening in front of it with the three favorites. I was commandeered to play "the daddy horse" a nice dark brown Paint pony with a purple saddle. Needless to say, it's a good thing she doesn't understand all the things I say when I play the "daddy horse."

My Christmas gifts were quite unexpected. CS went Above and Beyond anything I expected when I opened a brand new Nikon D40. LOAVE. It's the most amazing camera I have ever taken pictures with and I can never ever go back to normal digital. I don't have to use flash in the evening anymore! No more flash! Maybe EVER! It takes instant pictures with amazing clarity. I just love it. I can't wait to figure it all out. Things like shutter speed and aperture still don't mean a whole lot to me.

My mother gave me new bedding, including a fabulous new duvet cover. CS claims that the 3-D-ness of it hurts his eyes, but I love it. Black and White is my new theme. Now I just need some sheets. And pillows for the shams.

In a semi-gift to myself, I switched to Verizon over the break. I succeeded in getting out of my horrid, sucky, evil contract with AT&T and into a plan with my new favorite wireless provider. I actually had a problem when I got back to Hobbs area with not being able to send texts. So I called and talked to a few nice people and they actually fixed the problem. Oh My Gosh. That's incredible! A wireless provider that doesn't give up? Verizon? Where have you been all my cell phone life?

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