Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brand New

My little boy is getting chubby cheeks. And chubby thighs. Delicious!

Jacob is doing well. He's nursing great now, although I still have Grand Canyon sized cracks in my nipples. He's sleeping at night, although we wake up every three hours to nurse. We have figured out how to nurse while laying down and that makes 3 AM a lot easier. Except in the morning when I notice that he has milk all over his forehead from when he unlatched and my nipple kept hitting him. Poor kid. I'm somewhat amazed that he does sleep in his crib because we hold the boy all day long. If CS wasn't home with us, then he would only be held half the time. But CS has him when I don't, so he's a tad bit spoiled in the Held While Sleeping department. And I usually tuck him into bed with me around the 5 AM feeding. So he sleeps alone from 9 PM to 4 AM. Not bad?

Luckily, he's not addicted to the pacifier at night time. And only sometimes during the day. I sure hate that thing, except when he won't stop crying unless he has it. Then it's a GREAT invention.

Cs and I are apparently Crazy New Parents because we are moving back to CO this weekend. As in ONE WEEK away. Yes, I know. I just had a baby. Yes, he does like to be held for the majority of the day. And we want to drive 12 hours to a new place. We have to move though. CS's doesn't have work here and he believes that he can get a job someplace close to home. We can't really afford to wait because my funds have run out. As much as I want to go home and be close to my mom, I'm having some regret that we must do this right now. I like my life in my own house with my own schedule and things. I don't really want to go live in the extra bedroom with a four week old baby and CS and my dog. I want my own house. I want my DVR and to plan my own meals. I guess it boils down to: I want to be an adult and how can I do that in my childhood home? As much as I loved having my mom here, and how sad I am that she had to leave, I still want to have my own place. But it's not my job to take care of that anymore. I have a new job. 24/7. And I think the chubby cheeks are worth it.

Hell, even the cracks are worth it.

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