Monday, September 29, 2008


Hunter did quite well with the introduction of Squally Thing, as he likes to refer to Jacob. When we came home from the hospital, it was late at night and everyone was in bed. Hunter came out to greet us and he was quite interested in smelling me but he didn't notice the car seat right away. CS set the seat down and let Hunt come close. He got really still and intense, trying to get as close as possible. He was so focused that I was worried he was going to spazz out and bark in the Jacob's face. He didn't, but he might wish he had now.

The poor dog. He used to be such a parasite, following from room to room. Now he goes to bed on his own, usually before I do. He occasionally comes near me when I have the baby, but generally picks someone else to find affection. He even sits on the other side of the table when we have dinner, choosing to be close to Uncle Abe rather than me. Or he wanders around the kitchen, acting like he doesn't understand "lay down."

Oh, he must know I'm writing about him, as he just decided to come lay next to me. CS also has the baby, which could be the other thing.

However, he has done one very, very stupid thing. He ran away. Really, it's not his fault. Abe had him out in the garage while he worked on his bike and he didn't pay very close attention to Hunter and he decided to take the heck off. I'm not sure how long he was gone, Abe certainly doesn't know. I wandered out to see where he was and SURPRISE! Dog was gone. We called for him, and everyone but me went off to search. CS found him down the road about five minutes later. And boy did he smell good! Like skunk! And dead things! Hunt was so happy!

And then he got a bath. Oooh, bummer. But first we had to get pet wash. So he had to stay outside, where the flies thought he smelled good too. It reminded me of Pigpen from Peanuts.

So not only did he smell awful and earn himself a few nights outside, he also broke his tail. BROKE. TAIL. How does a dog break his tail? We'll never know. He was acting funny a day later, not sitting down normally and not wagging his tail. CS took him to the vet and they determined that he probably dislocated it and needed to have a shot, anti-biotics and pain pills. He's fine now, and that's good because I keep forgetting to give him his pills.

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