Monday, December 15, 2008

Check Your Baby At The Door

That's pretty much what I do when I walk in to CS's parents house. Unless I'm feeding him, I don't get to touch him. This is hard for me because I spend every other minute of the day with him in a two foot radius of me. Except for the times I successfully manuvere him from my body to the couch during a nap. Or if someone else is holding him, like my mom or his daddy. Except during those times, he's probably watching my every move with those blue eyes. So all the creates some tension with me when I walk in to a house and must surrender my baby. I'm also convinced that it affects him when this happens because it's like taking away his main source of comfort. However, no one is taking away that damn pacifier.

I honestly shouldn't complain. I'm glad that they are so proud of having a grandchild and I know that they love him. I'm sure my mom is different from them because she gets to see him so much more, but it's hard not to compare. My mom likes to watch him with me where CS's parents seem to get their pleasure from being with Jacob. They are different in their methods of play, too. Not everyone can be a baby person. Somehow, it runs strongly in my family. Not so much in CS's. Although, I'm still miffed at how my mom can get Jacob to laugh for the first time, make noise while patting on his mouth, and flip him around on the bed with no crying. Maybe she's the baby whisperer.

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