Friday, June 04, 2010

Ok, Here Are Some Highlights.

I had just written a bullet point post and neglected to copy before pushing Publish and I LOST IT. Stupid spotty internet access in a damn basement.

*I had the procedure to clear up the HPV over a week ago. They used the nitrogren to freeze my cervix for three minutes, twice. It didn't hurt but I could feel the coldness. I'm becoming entirely too comfortable with stirrups and loads of people peering between my legs. I'd like to warn every young person I meet about getting the immunization for HPV because it's not worth it for all the trouble you get without it. I don't have to go back until six months from now and all they will do then is a normal pap smear.

*Jacob is saying dozens of words now. My favorites are wheeze (please) and nuh-urse (nurse). The only down side is that the boy doesn't want to stop. Tonight he kept jabbering away when he was supposed to be rocking with us to sleep. It's just the beginning of the end, I know.

*I finished my quilt. Finally. The hand sewing on the binding about killed my fingers but I did it. It's not perfect by any means but I love it. I'm in the process of making one for my mom so I'll be getting more practice. CS is next on the list, but his will be Bronco themed and I'm not that excited for all that blue and orange.

*I got a job! That should probably be first but I need to go meet with her tomorrow. When I worked at the library, I met a woman who later started a cloth diaper company. The brand is Thirsties, the same kind I used for Jacob. She recently sold the business and she told my mom that they were looking for help. I called on Friday and I gather that she is giving me the job. It's customer service, as well as other office type duties. I get to work from home, although someone will need to be with Jacob when I'm working so he's in the background yelling. I get to use cloth diapers for free! They pay rather well and it seems to be perfect for me.

* I wore a string bikini to the pool. The public pool. I haven't worked out in over a month. I've gained two pounds since my stress diet. That is all.

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randi said...

hey! that's emily's old job! i am so glad that worked out for you. em has enjoyed working there over the last few years and I am sure you will too! :)

randi@ i have to say