Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What's In My Kindle

I've been shamelessly searching for good book recommendations and I thought I might return the favor. Also, note that I am a TERRIBLE spender when it comes to Kindle books. I do not like paying over $5 for an e-book. So if it's over that, it better be good!

Game of Thrones

I just got this yesterday. I saw that Deb from Smitten Kitchen mentioned it and I decided to try the "preview" first and knew 30% in that I was going to buy it. Luckily it's only $8.99! But there are FIVE of them...


I bought this the day I got my Kindle and I could not stop reading it. Such a great read. Thrilling and sad and intense.

Sookie Stackhouse (1-11)
I am glad I waited a while before reading these, because waiting between books is not my favorite thing to do. I did it for Harry Potter, and I don't like it. These are great, I love Sookie! A million times better than Twilight and quick reads. I love Bill, not so much Eric.

Little Bee
This story hurts my heart. I know it's fiction but I sense that it's based in a truth no one wants to face. Read it and then be outraged with me?

Cutting for Stone

I admit that I was a little bored with this story at the beginning and I'm so glad I stuck it out. I can't give anything away though. It is heavy on medical terms, but since I listen to Chris talk about that stuff, I can just plow right through. ;)

What are you reading? It is less that $5 on a Kindle?


Kendra said...

to kill a mockingbird

randi said...

the help, little bee, water for elephants. don't know the price of any of them, but loved reading them all.

Abby said...

I recommend: The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obrecht, Swamplandia by Karen Russell. If you ever read 100 years of Solitude and liked it, try Galore by Michael Crummey.