Friday, May 27, 2011


Dear Readership,

I forgot to tell you two important things!

One: I was baptized on the 15th of May! Finally, as I have been putting it off for years. Years! I should have just done it when I went to church in Ohio with all my friends, but I didn't because my mom couldn't be there. Then I was always busy the weekend that church had baptisms and was never brave enough to just go up there when it was open to all. So I was baptized and it was great and I cried and got lots of prayers from my friends there. Jayden was there and now she really, really wants to do it too. We think, mostly, because it's a giant hot tub.

Two: I auditioned for the Worship team at the Vinyard and they accepted me into the Ensemble choir. I went to my first rehearsal last week and was totally blown away. Our leader, Grace, was trained by her mother, a professionally trained vocalist in Korea. She is amazing and I learned so much in that two hour rehearsal. Singing is HARD and I am woefully ignorant. However, all those years of singing to the mirror were helpful in that I don't strain my neck when I'm trying to be loud!

This weekend is the first time I get to sing with the Ensemble at church. We have 4 (FOUR) services so think of me! It's going to be a demanding day. But I'm really excited (and nervous) to be a part of it.

That is all!


Kendra said...

It was a beautiful moment when you were baptized and watching you in the ensemble was amazing, I was close to tears most of the time.

Colorado Knitter said...

Congrats on joining the choir. There is something truly magical about raising your voice in unison with others.