Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Did you know that we got a bunny? Specifically, my mom got a bunny but I'm calling him "ours" most of the time. Although he hasn't peed on me yet, so I'm ok with him being hers for that special time.

His name is Hoot and he is a California bunny and will grow to be big and strong and hopefully a little snuggle bunny.

Jacob and Jayden think he's awesome, except when he starts biting their clothes and skin.

Hunter thinks he would really, really, REALLY like to chase him but no one will ever leave them alone together for obvious reasons. He's quite bummed about it and when Hoot hides behind the couch, Hunter presses his face as far down as he can but it's never enough.

We're going to get a little black bunny with questionable parentage shortly, just have to wait for him to be big enough to leave his mama. I think we're going to name him Holler. Nice and backwoodsy, right?


randi said...

hoot and holler--you crack me up!

Mama in the City said...

As a kid I once had to 'pet sit' for a neighbours bunny and it scared me to no end. I was too frightened to hold it and was frozen each time I had to clean out its outside cage.I worried it would bite me or pound me with his thumper legs. Your kid looks like its all easy peasy playing around with that bunny!