Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jacob Says:

Jacob: Car insurance!
Me: What?
Jacob: All State, it's car insurance.

Jacob: I not Squiddy Bop. Grams calls me Scooter.

Jacob: I'm building you a church. But it's not a church, it's a house.

My family calls me Scooter.

Me: Are you having a good time?
Jacob: Yeah, I got time. (checks his arm) You need some?
(This will only make sense if you've seen Justin Timberlake's movie: In Time)

Jacob: How does it work?
(Cars, hair, water, toilets, pretty much everything.)

The only bad thing about recording just the things he says is that you don't get the full effect. He talks with his hands, raises his eyebrows, and strikes a little pose with his arms crossed.

It's just delightful, you know?

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