Monday, May 07, 2012

5 Weeks Left

So. Tomorrow I am officially 5 weeks out from my due date. 

I also have a TON of things left to do.

Official List of Things That Should Be Done Before I Pop Out Another Kid:
Retrieve changing table and Pack n Play from storage
Clean out area downstairs for changing table space
Wash newborn clothes
Buy a dresser for clothes/Steal the one from my old bedroom at my mom's
Order diapers
Register at the hospital
Request cord blood donation package to take with us.
Wash car seat cover, swing cover, bouncy chair cover
Order new seat belt so I can put the car seat in the middle of the car.
Finish baby quilt
Make changing pad cover
Decide on a diaper bag
Make Moses basket bedding
Purchase gauzy fabric for swaddle blankets and dye them
Install a top loading washer for diapers/clothes, etc. because we will need to do laundry more than once a week and that's not an option at the moment.

I'm sure there is more. I'm also sure only half this list might be complete before the baby comes. But at least we really only need the pack and play and the infant seat to really be prepared. Oh, and diapers, but you know my awesome job has that covered. :)


The Shavers said...

Do you have to buy new cloth diapers for new baby? I was just going to use Maisie on him?
You have a big list but I don't see relax! make sure you do.

seaschell said...

Love the title of this list. :)